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Newfoundland Ambassador Resources

Newf Ambassador Contact Evaluation please share this link following each contact. Please encourage the person you have worked with to take a few moments to complete the short program evaluation to make the Newf Ambassador Program better.



Record of Contact Summary- Ambassadors should complete a summary form for each contact as a follow-up. This links to the second version of the summary that does not have required information fields.

Sample First Contact eMail:

Newfoundlands are an amazing breed and if you are looking into adding a Newfoundland to your family, hopefully you have done some research on the breed and have a general understanding of their characteristics. I say this because, while I can't imagine not living with a Newf(s) they're not for everyone. They are very intelligent, loyal, funny, and affectionate companions and they will certainly steal your heart. They also require quite a bit of maintenance. Their coats require a lot of grooming, and of course they shed (a lot) and drool (a lot). Their vet bills can be quite expensive because everything is more expensive with their size. You probably know that orthopedics can be a health concern for any giant breed and Newfoundlands are no exception. So if all of these things are acceptable to you, then I can't imagine a better family member. The Newfoundland Club of America provides education and resources for new and prospective Newfoundland owners.


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