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This page updated March 12, 2017

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Summary of Most Recent Board of Director's Meeting

Newfoundland Club of America Board of Directors
Regular Teleconference Meeting
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Noted Times are Eastern Standard Time
(In an effort for more timely communication with the membership, here is a list of the motions made and actions taken at this meeting. This list is presented by the board for your information and is to be considered unofficial. The complete official minutes of the meeting will be published when approved.)
NCA Board of Directors: Lynne Anderson-Powell (LA), Steve Britton (SB), John Cornell (JC), Mary Lou Cuddy (MLC), Roger Frey (RF), Sue Marino (SM); Steve McAdams (SMc), Mary L. Price (MLP), Pat Randall (PKR), Pam Rubio (PSR), Pam Saunders (PS), Donna Thibault (DT) and Dave Helming, AKC delegate.
President Pam Saunders called the meeting to order on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 8:05 p.m., and Recording Secretary Steve Britton was present.
Other board members that answered the roll call: Lynne Anderson Powell, John Cornell, Mary Lou Cuddy, Roger Frey, Sue Marino, Steve McAdams, Mary L. Price, Patrick Randall, Pam Rubio and Donna Thibault. AKC Delegate David Helming joined the meeting at 9 p.m. and attended while presenting his AKC Delegate report.
Other attendee: Sue Raney, chair of the Working Dog Committee, joined at 9 p.m. and attended while reporting to the board.
The board approved minutes of its January 19, 2017 Regular Teleconference meeting as presented.
Pam Rubio moved and John Cornell seconded to enter executive session. Without objection, the board entered executive session and later returned to regular session.
While in executive session, the board:
? Appointed Ethics Guide Amendment Ballot Counters and Alternates;
? Appointed John Cornell as chair of the Health and Longevity Committee;
? Appointed Janet Harris chair of the Financial Oversight Committee
? Discussed a non-pending committee resignation.
? Reviewed membership applications
? Received an update about funds held by the former Newfoundland Club of Hawaii.
Lynne Anderson Powell moved and Pam Rubio seconded that Mary Lou Cuddy and Marylou Zimmerman move forward with the automated membership applicant electronic follow-up correspondence program. The board adopted the motion without objection.
Pam Rubio moved and Sue Marino seconded to approve an opt-in opportunity on the 2018 NCA Membership Renewal form to receive the NCA Membership Directory digitally - instead of the printed directory. The board adopted the motion without objection.
Steve Britton moved and Lynne Anderson Powell seconded to direct the NCA Recording Secretary to mail a printed postcard that notifies members of the 2017 NCA Annual Membership Meeting. This action relieves Newf Tide of obligations regarding the 2017 annual meeting notice. After discussion, the board adopted the motion without objection.
Steve McAdams moved and John Cornell seconded to approve the Breeders Education Committee request to submit a grant proposal to the CTMB to underwrite the cost of the Educational Program at the 2017 National Specialty Dog Show. After discussion, a roll-call vote was taken. Voting in the affirmative: LA, SB, MLC JC, RF, SM, SMc, MLP, DT, PS. Voting in the negative: PKR. Abstaining: PSR.
Steve Britton moved and Lynne Anderson Powell seconded to approve the Newf Ambassador Committee Pin Purchase request. After discussion, the board adopted the motion without objection.
NCA Bulletin Board – Regular Teleconference Meeting
February 16, 2017
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For distribution
Lynne Anderson Powell moved and John Cornell seconded to approve a PowerPoint® presentation reported by the NCA Governing Documents Committee. It outlined ongoing and annual responsibilities of NCA affiliated regional clubs for maintaining “good standing” with the NCA for hosting AKC and NCA events. It is intended for use by the NCA Regional Club Liaison to provide the PowerPoint® presentation to regional clubs as a reminder of their responsibilities to the NCA. The board approved the PowerPoint® presentation for the NCA Regional Club Liaison’s use without objection.
Lynne Anderson Powell moved and Roger Frey seconded to approve a budget and reimbursement request from Beth Grispin for Meet the Breeds® activities at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The board approved the request without objection.
The meeting adjourned at 10:55 p.m.









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