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The Board meets on the
3rd Thursday of each month

This page updated January 28, 2018

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Bulletin Board
Regular Teleconference Meeting of the
Newfoundland Club of America Board of Directors
Thursday, January 18, 2018
Unless noted otherwise, times are Eastern Daylight Time.

(In an effort for more timely communication with the membership, here is a list of the motions made and actions taken at this meeting. The list is presented by the board for your information and is to be considered unofficial. The complete official minutes of the meeting will be published when approved.)

NCA Board of Directors: Lynne Anderson-Powell (LA), Steve Britton (SB), John Cornell (JC), Mary Lou Cuddy (MLC), Roger Frey (RF), Sue Marino (SM); Steve McAdams (SMc), Mary L. Price (MLP), Pat Randall (PKR), Pam Rubio (PSR), Pam Saunders (PS), Donna Thibault (DT) and Dave Helming, AKC delegate.
President Pam Saunders called the meeting to order at 8:07 p.m., and Recording Secretary Steve Britton was present.
Other board members who answered the roll-call: Lynne Anderson-Powell, John Cornell, Mary Lou Cuddy, Roger Frey, Sue Marino, Steve McAdams, Mary L. Price, Pat Randall, Pam Rubio and Donna Thibault; AKC Delegate David Helming was absent.
Pam Rubio moved and Lynn Anderson-Powell seconded to adopt the agenda as amended. Without objection the board added the following new business items to the agenda:
? Migration of unauthorized information from OFA into the NCA Data Base.
? Recruitment of new committee members to the Newf Tide Policy Committee.
? Request from person wishing to breed ECT Landseers.
? Policy/policies for members receiving fourth quarter Newf Tide/Annual Titleist who subsequently renew his/her membership after August 30 of each year.
The board approved the minutes of the NCA Charitable Trust Trustees Meeting from Saturday, November 11, 2017, as amended.
The board dispensed with the reading and approval its minutes from the December 21, 2017 board of directors meeting.
As a result of correspondence reported by the club’s corresponding secretary:
Pam Rubio moved and John Cornell seconded to refer an email requesting assistance/participation in a clef pallet study to the Breeder’s Education Committee. The board adopted the motion without objection.
Pam Rubio moved and Lynne Anderson-Powell seconded to refer a request for participation in a Canine Diabetes study to the Breeder’s Education Committee. The board adopted the motion without objection.
John Cornell moved and Sue Marino seconded to approve a funding request from the Bear Mountain Newfoundland Club for its budgeted expenses at the Westminster Kennel Club Meet The Breeds. The board adopted the motion without objection.
Donna Thibault moved and Steve McAdams seconded to allow the BEC to develop a proposal for ways to improve and substantiate compliance of breeders on the NCA Breeders List and to bring it back to the Board for approval. (No date specified). The board adopted the motion (In-favor: LA, SB, JC, MLC, RF, SM, SMc, MLP, PSR, DT; Against: PR, PS.
Mary Cuddy moved and Pam Rubio seconded that after the club’s Newf Tide editor or Newf Tide Policy Committee have sent the fourth quarter Newf Tide to press, persons with lapsed memberships, who subsequently renew, will need to separately purchase a copy (or copies) of Newf Tide and the Annual Titleist. In-favor: LA, SB, JC, MLC, RF, SMc, MLP, PKR, PSR, DT, PS; Against: SM.
Without objection, the board entered executive session.
Without objection, the board returned to regular session.
The board reported the following actions from its executive session:
? Approved a Working Event Aggressive Dog Reinstatement Form, pending final editing to the form.
? That NCA members (only) are to receive NCA Working Achievement Awards.
Without objection, the board returned to regular session.
Steve Britton requested the board approve minutes of its December 21, 2017 regular teleconference meeting. The board approved the December 21, 2017 meeting minutes as amended.
After Pam Rubio moved and Donna Thibault seconded a motion to adjourn, without objection meeting adjourned at 11:35 p.m.








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