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Articles and Opinion Columns

Companion Newf Articles

Article reprints by the Companion Newf Committee from NewfTide.

Saliva  (A tongue-in-cheek look at the Newfoundland by Judi Adler) 



She Is A Multipurpose Dog

Reprints of Columns by Roger Powell featuring the artwork of Consie Powell.

He Is A Multipurpose Dog
Three Secrets About Draft Test Regulations
How To Build A Draft Dog
Got Problems? We Can Tackle Them
Remember When?
Let Your Dog Teach You
Why Does She Do That?
Role Models

AKC Breed Columns

Reprints of Newfoundland Dog Breed Columns from the AKC Gazette.

Edendglen Revisited - Heleana Linn
Spoiled Puppy Syndrome- Mary Lou Cuddy
Puppy Mills: Do Something- Mary L. Price
Concerns Over Coat-Louise Esiason
Y2K Newfs - Mary Lou Cuddy
Breed Appropriate Gait - Jack & May Bernhard
Feeding Frenzy - Kymythy Schultze
A Dog Named Buddy - Dick Shumer
Some Comments on the Standard - Mary Dewey
Breeding Considerations - Peggy Helming
If It Ain't Broke- Part 1 - Anne Beck
If It Ain't Broke- Part 2 - Anne Beck
Their Company is a Gift - Claire Carr
The Perfect Dog Room - Marget Johnson
Finding the Fish - Training a Cadaver Scenting Dog - Rebecca Stanevich
A Husband Goes to the Dogs - Kevin Gallagher
Which Puppy to Keep - Marget Johnson
A Newf for All Reasons - Marget Johnson
Getting Ready for the National Specialty - Kathy Griffin
So You Want to Run with the Big Dogs? - Laura Valenta
A Five Day Love Affair with the Newfoundland - Mary Jane Spackman
Breed Diversity - Jacqueline Brellochs
Remembering Two Gentle Giants - Mary Lou Roberts


Articles are selected for their general interest and entertainment values. Authors views do not necessarily represent the policies of the Newfoundland Club of America, nor does their publication constitute an endorsement by the NCA.




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