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Committee Openings

Committee Operating Procedures


Committee Name & Information


Committee Members

AKC Breed Column Mary Lou Cuddy Gazette Article Archive
AKC Delegate

David Helming



Carla Gengler

Amy Davis
John Cornell
Pamela Jackson
Ken Price


Ingrid Lyden

Debbie Bridge
Karen Clancy
Mary Lou Cuddy
Dawn Fretts
Joan Locker-Thuring
Dejah Petsch
Pam Saunders
Certificate preparation:
Lanelle Warrick

Breeder's Education

Lynne Anderson

Janice Anderson
John Cornell
Sue Jones
Jean McAdams
Pat Randall
Pam Rubio
Susan Wagner

Breeder Referral

Naomi Young Meyer


Breeder's List

Johanna Matsuda

Patti Testa
Lynn Nuss

Companion Newf

Susan Putt


Database Operations

Debbie Bridge Cheryl Dondino
Barbara Finch
Dejah Petsch

"Distinguished Member"

Sue Miller

Naomi Young Meyer

Digital Distribution Committee

Marylou Zimmerman Dan Zimmerman

Financial Oversight

Janey Harriss

Greg Szynskie

Mary L Price

Governing Documents (Ad Hoc)

Steve Britton PRP

Pam Saunders

Health and Longevity

John Cornell

Denise Hatekayama
Terri Lewin
John O'Neill
Vu Nyugen
Pat Randall
Pam Rubio
Jenny Zablotny

Historian & Archives Mary Jane Spackman


International Liaison

Roger Frey

Lynne Anderson-Powell
Naomi Young Meyer
Ilona Kroo
Oksana Jackim

Judges Education

Denise Castonguay

Barbara Finch
Kathy Griffin
Sue Jones
Jean McAdams
Deb Wigal
Debra Thornton
Kim Griffith
Roger Frey
Peggy Helming
Ingrid Lyden
Betty McDonnell
Robin Seaman
Lynne Anderson

Juniors Committee


Donna Thibault

Sue Wagner
Linda Larsen

Legislative Awareness

Janice Anderson


Amy Davis

Deborah Schuch

Brooke Elkan-Moore

Denise Hatakeyama


Membership Mary Lou Cuddy Bill Cuddy

Newf Ambassador Committee

Tara Kelley-Bertrand 

John Affel

Cathe Hartke

Joan Locker-Thuring

Sandee Lovette

Sylvia Steilling
Newf Tide Policy

Aura Dean

Patti Emmerling
Beth Sell
Julie Pouline Siefert
Nancy Gasser
Jeanette Voss

Annalyn Paz- ex officio

Nominating- 2018

Linda Jones

Joyce Echon BUtler

John Pearson

Susan Raney

Cissy Sullivan

Linda Mahuson- alternate

Renee Marquardt - alternate

Performance and Companion Events Anna Lorenz

Heidi Forrest
Ann Lapeyre

Policy Manual (Ad Hoc)

Pam Saunders

Mary Lou Cuddy
Kathy McIver
Mary L. Price


Hope Taylor

Lisa Lathrop

Recognition Joan Locker-Thuring Dona Baker-Austin
Lori Eldridge
Dawn Fretts
Bethany Karger
Linda Mahuson

Regional Club Committee

Steve Britton, RP Chairman Ursal Yee (Newfoundland Club of Hawai)
CeCe Guyatt (Newfoundland Club of San Diego)
Shauna Bryant (Pacific Northwest Newfoundland Club)
Chuck Basham (Colonial Newfoundland Club)
Sue Marino (Newfoundland Club of New England)
Charlene Freiberger(Northland Newfoundland Club)
Joan Fenwick (New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club)
Beth Grispin (Bear Mountain Newfoundland Club)
Vicky Hansen (Mesquite Newfoundland Club)
Denise Hatakeyama (Newfoundland Club of Southern California)
Robin Katen (South Central Newfoundland Club)
Majorie Odle(Genesee Region Newfoundland Club)
Gary Walker (Heart of America Newf Club)
Claudia Walters (High Country Newfoundland Club)
Cara Perry (Old West Newfoundland Club)
Christine Brigham (North Central Newfoundland Club)
Chris Plum (North Star Newfoundland Club)
Benita Edds (South Eastern Newfoundland Club)
(River King Newfoundland Club)
Marylou Zimmerman (Newfoundland Club of Seattle)
Regional Club Liaison Sue Marino

Specialty Show Robin Seaman

Deborah Bridge

Steve Britton

Shauna Bryant

John Cornell

Sylvia Delson

Nancy Duggan

Barbara Finch

Kevin Gallagher

Cindi Goodwin

Dwight Gorsuch

Kathy Hamilton

Peggy Helming

Chris LaMuraglia

Sandee Lovett

Renee Marquardt

Kathy Paxton

Stacey Roderick

Don Sharkey

Susan Wagner

Steering John O'Neill

Mary Lou Cuddy
Chris Plum
Bill Matlock
Mary Jane Spackman
Jenny Zablotny
Marylou Zimmerman


Terri Lewin Nancy Ferguson
Technical Advisory Bill Matlock

Dan Carr

Lynne Anderson-Powell

Matt Sidesinger

Dan Zimmerman

Working Dog Sue Raney

Karrie Cook

Benita Edds

Dwight Gorsuch

Mark Iken

John Jackman

Cindi Kursner

Sue Marino

Heidi Peterson

Patti Pigeon

Deborah Rothwell

Pam Saunders
Susan Zientara



Nick Name:

“Here, Gentlemen, a dog teaches us a lesson in humanity.”

Napoleon Bonaparte, upon being saved by a Newfoundland after slipping on his ship and falling overboard. He did not know how to swim, and was kept above water by the dog until he could be rescued.



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