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Committee Established: November 1997

Committe Type: Board Appointed

AKC Legislative Liaison

Duties and Responsibilities

The Legislative Liaison Committee is the link between the NCA and the American Kennel Club (AKC) for issues involving local, state and national legislation, which have the potential to impact our breed and our enjoyment of our breed in any way. The primary responsibility of the Chairman is to receive from the AKC and disseminate to the membership information regarding: (1) pending dog-related legislation; and (2) ways to influence the legislative process in our respective communities.Regional Clubs shall be kept informed of relevant pending legislation so that the local membership: (1) is aware of pending legislation; and (2) may become involved in the legislative process where appropriate. The Chairman shall alert the Board to legislative issues, which may warrant action by the NCA and shall assist the Board in this regard. The Committee shall also disseminate information to the NCA membership at large from
members involved with dog-related legislation. To accomplish this mission, the Chairman shall appoint committee members to assist in the dissemination of information and shall write an informational article quarterly for Newf Tide. The Chairman shall also serve as the liaison between the NCA and the American Dog Owners Association and shall report quarterly to the membership regarding issues arising through this organization. An annual report is to be submitted to the Second Vice President in January for Newf Tide publication. An annual budget for the Committee shall be submitted to the Treasurer when requested.

History & Board Actions

6/29 & 7/6/05: AKC Legislative Liaison should send items for the Board through the 2nd Vice President. Items that concern a specific geographic area should be sent to the Regional Club Liaison for distribution.



Current Activities

Legislative Committee 2011 Report -

In 2011, the total number of legislative updates that we provided to NCA was over 150. Many states and municipalities initiated legislation to require dog number limits, breeding limits or other regulations including various localities in MI, WI, NC, TX, NY, WA, OK, ME, NE, WY, NV, WV, MO, MD, UT, HI, MT, VT, CA, AR, PA, OH, AZ. Others proposed increases in intact license fees and Mandatory Spay/Neuter fees including NY, NJ, CA, NC, FL, MA, PA, MO, WV. Other regions have proposed legislation that arbitrarily would affect the Newfoundland fancier simply due to the size of our breed. For instance, TX would have required owners of any unneutered males over 20 lbs to purchase $100,000 per occurrence of liability insurance. MA HB1023 would have inadvertently limited the ability of those who participate in water rescue and draft to train for those events due to the limitations on crating that it proposed. When we contacted the sponsor of this legislation, he was surprised at the unintended impact and promised to revise the language in the bill. If your state is not mentioned, that doesn't mean that there is no legislative activity. It just means that we haven't had the means to cover everything 100%.

In addition to all of the local efforts, the Federal Government is also considering dog legislation aimed at restricting the numbers of breeding females an individual can own or co-own before coming under federal scrutiny. That legislation has recently obtained unfortunate support from the White House no doubt due to misunderstandings about what it really accomplishes and a heart-wrenching title with a clever marketing angle (PUPS Legislation). Now more than ever the NCA's legislative efforts needs the support of every member. If we could get a commitment from each member to contact their legislator just once (and hopefully it would be more than once) we could make substantial progress in educating them about the difference between responsible animal ownership and the animal rights activists. We need to be heard.

Respectfully submitted - Kathy Grim and Debbie Dennison


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