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Committee Established: 2006

Committe Type:

Regional Club Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

History & Board Actions

V30.1 10/31/98
Regional Clubs Liaison former job description (7/94) replaced in it’s entirety with a new description as follows:
• The Regional Club Liaison (RCL) serves to facilitate communications between Regional Clubs and the Newfoundland Club of America (NCA). Important issues may call for a consensus among Regional Clubs and this will
be accomplished via communications from the RCL to the Board of NCA. Communications to Regional Clubs may be accomplished through the RCL, Newf Tide, or whatever means deemed necessary.
• The RCL shall provide a framework for free and open exchange of ideas relating to the NCA and Regional Clubs and provide a timely and direct communications channel between the NCA Board and its sanctioned affiliated Regional Clubs.
• The RCL may conduct a face-to-face meeting annually, at the National Specialty, of representatives from all sanctioned Regional Clubs.
• The RCL will be the source of any official lists of Regional Club contacts that may be published by the NCA throughout the year, e.g., NCA Membership Directory, General Education material, etc. This information is obtained from the documentation required to be provided on an annual basis to the RCL in accordance with the policy on governing regional clubs.
• The RCL assists new clubs and those clubs seeking NCA recognition by giving them advice or providing NCA resources to assist them in regard toorganization, Constitution and By-Laws, financial set-up, holding events, running meetings, and getting newsletters started.
• The RCL also serves as a resource on constitutional matters regarding the governing of Regional Clubs and their relationship to the NCA. Any changes to approved Regional Club’s Constitutions and By-Laws must be coordinated
with the RCL for recommendations and submission to the NCA Board of Directors for approval.
• It is the responsibility of the RCL to determine whether a Regional Club is active in accordance with the current policy on governing regional clubs by annually corresponding with each Regional Club for the necessary documentation. Each Regional Club is required to comply with the policy annually in order to be able to be approved to hold NCA events for that year. A second notice should be sent to the Club President and Corresponding Secretary of the Club if there is no response to the first mailing. (These requirements include maintaining a stable membership, regular meetings, elections of officers, adequate fiscal resources, reasonable percentage of NCA members on their membership rolls, at least two events annually, and providing necessary documentation regularly of all minutes and newsletters.)
• The RCL will submit an annual report to the Second Vice President by December 15 for publication in Newf Tide and an expense report and projected budget is submitted to the Treasurer as required by the Treasurer.
V29.2 03/24/98 (Teleconference)
Regional Club Liaison required to compile an updated list of Regional Club contacts twice annually, respective contact person to be either the Regional Club Corresponding Secretary, Membership Chairman/Secretary or specifically designated individual by the Regional Club.
V32.3 4/2/01
Board appointed Regional Club Liaison to Regional Clubs be a member of the Board of Directors.
V.34.4 5/27/03
Policy that Regional Club Liaison should be a member of the Board to be waived for this club year.


line Regional Club Resources

Current Activities

2010 Regional Club Liaison Annual Report by Pam Rubio

As usual, the NCA regional clubs have been very busy this year. If my count is correct, regional clubs put on 15 regional specialties, 29 draft tests, and 45 water tests! In the working events, many clubs opted to put on back-to-back, even three day tests in order to maximize their cadre of volunteers and judges, as well as providing participants with more opportunities to earn
titles. Way to go, regional clubs!

Almost all the regional clubs publish a newsletter, some monthly, some bi-monthly, some quarterly. In reading these publications, I am always amazed and encouraged by how much the NCA regional clubs offer, not only the Newfoundland community, but the community at large in their areas. Case in point was the tribute to Rosie, the Newfoundland who was unjustifiably killed by officers of the local sheriff’s department. The Newfoundland Club of Seattle organized a peaceful protest/ vigil to honor Rosie, bringing national attention to the inhumane treatment of animals and lack of training on the part of many local law enforcement agencies. Kudos to the Seattle Club and
all our regional clubs that serve as ambassadors of the breed with tree pulls, parade entries, hospital and school visits, public education, etc.
Once again Bear Mountain took the lead with a “Meet the
Breeds” booth at the AKC Responsible Dog Owners event at Javits Center in New York, which was very well received. The Newfoundland Club of Southern California, for a fourth year, I think, garnered Working Group 1 in the “Meet the Breeds” booth competition at the Eukanuba National Championship show. This show will be moving to Florida in 2011. The Newfoundland Club of Florida will have a tough act to follow, but I know NCSC will be a great resource.
The Regional Club Committee has been very active this year. Regular meetings have been held, either monthly or bi-monthly, depending on need. If your club does not have an appointed member of this committee, I encourage you to do so. Regional Club issues/concerns are important, and one way they can be brought to the forefront is by participation in this committee. Not much activity on the Constitution and By-Laws front this past year. Please remember if your club is considering a revision,
the entire Constitution-By-Laws document will be reviewed in order to assure it is in line with AKC requirements. Revisions, as well as the current operating document, should be sent to the Regional Club Liaison.
Finally, I thank all the regional clubs for all that they do. I really enjoy reading your newsletters and seeing what is going on in the various clubs throughout the country. Don’t forget to send updated membership lists, changes in Boards of Directors and contact people to me, Marylou Zimmerman for the website, and Mary Lou Cuddy for the membership directory.
Also, please remind your newsletter editors to send a copy of the newsletter to me/RCL, electronic is fine. For some clubs, these have been sporadic, and since most newsletters contain Board/general meeting minutes, it is important a record of these are on file.
The regional clubs are most often the face of the NCA in the areas served. They are the original contact point for rescue, advice about breeders/breeding, educating the public. Thank you!





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