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Committee Established: November 1997

Committe Type: Board Appointed

Arbitration Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

The Arbitration Committee Chair position requires a wide familiarity with prevailing standards or ethics for transactions in Newfoundland dogs. Position involves extensive, often very lengthy correspondence on delicate, intricate matters. As emotional involvement of parties to complaints is often very high, and as the Arbitration Committee often represents NCA to unhappy members, caution, tact and integrity are essential.

The Arbitration Committee Chair:
• Receives complaints against NCA members from NCA members and non-NCA members concerning Newfoundland dog transactions such as puppy sales, co-ownership agreements, etc.
• Screens complaints as to appropriateness.
• Mediates, disputes, or assigns a Committee member to do so, with the aim of resolution at the most informal level possible.
• When necessary, invites all parties to submit evidence and arguments concerning disputes and renders a decision. Exerts moral persuasion as appropriate toward carrying out of the decision.
• Educates NCA members and non-members as to the importance of clearly written contracts.
• Consults with NCA President and other officers as necessary. Advises NCA Board as to policy.
• Advises all parties of NCA policy regarding resolution of disputes. Advises parties of committee's recommendations if they cannot, with help, resolve their dispute. Advise parties of their right to come before the Board if they do not accept the committee’s recommendations. Recommend appropriate
sanctions by Board if recommendations are ignored.

History & Board Actions

V21.4 11/10/90: Grievance Committee renamed Arbitration Committee and job description is to be revised accordingly. [See additional history and procedures under (former) Grievance Committee.]
V28.2 12/23/96 (Mail Meeting): NCA Disciplinary Hearing Procedures approved by the Board. (See related section -- Disciplinary Hearing Procedures in Volume II of the NCA Policies and Procedures.)
V32.1 11/3/00: Policy created to deal with disposition of past grievance materials and the maintenance of a list of grievances and their dispositions. The list to include
names of complainants and defendents, pertinent dates, brief description of complain and disposition.. The materials will be kept for seven (7) years and a list will be maintained by the President. (add to President job description).
V32.3 4/2/01: Develop policy to clarify difference between arbitration process and grievance process and the grievance procedure for its consideration.
11/4/05: Any email that comes to any Board member with a complaint against an NCA member, be emailed directly to the Arbitration Committee and the other Board members
will not be notified.
1/6/06: Amend a previous motion that was approved at the November 4-6, 2005 meeting by changing “member” to “breeder”. That previously approved motion read,
“Mary Lou Roberts moved and Sandee Lovett seconded that, in the future, any email that comes to any Board member with a complaint against an NCA member, be forwarded directly to the Arbitration Committee and the other Board
members will not be notified."



Current Activities

2010 Arbitration Committee Annual Report

The Arbitration Committee serves NCA members by providing a group of neutrals to assist in resolving conflicts. Any NCA member can request our assistance. There is no charge for our services.
We utilize the basic methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution which include Negotiation, Arbitration, and Mediation, adapted to the unique rules and policies of the NCA.

To pursue a solution the committee will request a statement of issues from both sides, possibly seek additional clarification, and attempt to assist the sides to a mutually satisfactory resolution.
In 2010 there were four contacts wth the committee and one proceeded to the full process and was resolved.

Arbitration Procedures







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