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Committee Established: 1976

Committe Type: Board Appointed

Breeders' List Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

The Breeders List Chair prepares a form (to be approved by the Board) to be completed by those wanting to be on the Breeder and Stud Dog listing for the year. Verify the information submitted for meeting qualification requirements. Make up a master list by state to be printed and mailed out with the annual membership list mailing. (The membership Chair has been having the list printed.) Order additional lists to be made available by request from the Corresponding Secretary. Periodically, the Committee Members, along with the Breeder Education Committee, will review the NCA sample contracts for bill of sale.
Place advertisements for the Breeders List in the periodicals approved by the NCA Board.
Make available for purchase sample contracts for bill of sale, puppy deposits, stud service contract, alteration agreements and co-ownership agreements to encourage written contracts. Put notices in Newf Tide announcing the availability of the samples.
Forward all monies collected to the NCA Treasurer in a timely fashion. In January, write an annual report for Newf Tide publication and submit to the 2nd Vice President and submit a projected budget to the Treasurer.


History & Board Actions

V7.1 02/09/76: The Board approved a letter of requirements to be sent to all Breeders
List applicants.V8.1 02/13/77: Board left to the discretion of the Committee as to whether to include breeders in 1977 Breeder's List who refused to respond to questionnaire.
V8.3 06/17/77: Breeders List requirements include:
• Listing fee (subject to change). This money to be used for public education fund to send out The Newf and You, the Newf Standard, Code of Ethics plus other educational material.
• Must be a NCA member for three years.
• Must have had 2 litters bred or stud dog sired within the three year requirement as NCA member.
• Statement on List why Breeders and Stud Dog owners are on, no NCA guarantees.
• Must have bred a litter or stud dog produced in the past three years. Breeder or Stud dog owner can petition the BSDL Committee if this condition can not be met for an extended time.
• Must sign to abide the NCA Code of Ethics.
• Must sign that they will be willing to have kennels inspected in case of complaints.
V10.1 02/11/79: Board approved placing classified ads in AKC Gazette, National Dog, Off Lead, a leading vet journal and Dog World. Ads will be financed by fees
collected from Breeder's List.
V11.2 02/10/80: Continue listing in veterinary journals.
V11.2 02/10/80: New guidelines and application to be developed. Applicant's signature will be required on application.
V11.2 04/03/80: Coded ad to be placed in Front and Finish for one (1) year. Ad paid for with funds received from Breeder's List fees.
V11.3 06/17/80: Coded ad to be placed in National Dog.
V11.3 06/17/80: No longer advertise in New York Times prior to Westminster Kennel Club show.
V12.1: Coded ads placed in AKC Gazette, Dog World, Off Lead, Kennel Review and Front and Finish.
V12.1: Sample contracts available free to people on Breeder's List, with a charge to other NCA members.
V15.2 05/24/84: Ad in Front and Finish discontinued.
V15.2 05/24/84: Abolished practice of Corresponding Secretary giving out information on litters available on Breeder's List.
V15.2 05/24/84: Chair responsible for printing and sending Breeder's List to Corresponding Secretary.
V15.2 05/24/84: Chair to draft criteria to appear on Breeder's List Application and on the list itself regarding accepted standards and procedures to be followed upon receipt of written complaints.
V16.4 11/09/85: Disclaimer at the head of the Breeder's List deleted and the following put in its place: “Persons on this list have agreed to abide by the NCA Constitution and By-Laws and the NCA Ethics Guide. The NCA urges every prospective buyer of Newfoundlands to inform himself/herself thoroughly before purchasing a dog. Any written complaints should be addressed to the Grievance Committee Chair.”
V16.4 11/09/85: Breeder's List applicants must agree to abide by the Ethics Guide and to cooperate in the investigation of any written complaint against them.
V18.4 11/08/87: Disclaimer omitted from latest edition of Breeder's List. An insertion containing the disclaimer will be included with the Breeder's List until a new edition is printed.
Revised disclaimer: “I (we) agree to conform to the Constitution and By-Laws asadopted by the Newfoundland Club of America. In addition, I (we) agree to abide
by the NCA Ethics Guide and to cooperate in the investigation of any written complaints lodged against me (us). My/our signature below attests to the truthfulness of the information provided herein and authorizes the Newfoundland Club of America to verify said information with the American Kennel Club, if necessary.”
V18.4 11/08/87: Ads placed in Dog Fancy and Dogs U.S.A.
V20.3 08/89 (Mail Meeting): Additional language to Breeder's List application approved by Board. Application will now require information in compliance with the AKC regulations regarding record keeping.
V20.4 11/04/89: New Breeders List format approved.
V24.3 05/02/93: Board approved that information supplied by applicants to be on the NCA Breeder/Stud Dog List must be supported by copies of official AKC documentation, that new applicant's membership longevity must be verified by
the Membership Chair, and that a Breeder’s List Committee be established and limited to three (3) members (including the Chair). The Board suggested that the AKC forms referred to must use actual AKC form names and that an article in Newf Tide should explain the new requirements.
V24.4 08/93: All information provided by applicants must be supported by copies of official AKC/CKC documentation. Example of official AKC/CKC documentation are: AKC Dog Registration Application/CKC Application for Registration of an Individual Dog Born in Canada, AKC Registration Certificate/CKC Pure Bred Dog Certificate of Registration and the AKC Kennel Prefix Registration acceptance letter/CKC Registration of Kennel Name Certificate. This means that a breeder will need to send a copy of either AKC/CKC dog registration document referenced above for one of the puppies that was produced from the litter(s) that you have listed on the application. This means that a stud dog owner will need to get from the owner of the bitch that his/her stud
has bred, a copy of the either AKC/CKC dog registration document referenced above for one of the puppies that was produced from the litter(s) that you have listed on the application. It is not customary for stud dog owners to require any AKC/CKC documentation from the owner of the bitch to be bred. However, in this day and age of limited registration, it would be prudent to do so. Check the bitch's registration to be sure that she is not on limited registration before your
stud dog breeds her. This means that anyone stating that their kennel prefix is registered with the AKC will need to provide a copy of the AKC letter of acceptance for
registration. Canadians with CKC registered kennel names must send a copy of their Registration of Kennel Name Certificate. No designations of or references to the abilities of the dogs shall be made in the kennel name listed. Any Breeders list application not completed in full including copies of AKC/CKC document shall be returned immediately. Any Breeders List application received with designation of or references to the abilities of their dogs in the kennel name shall be returned immediately.
V25.4 07/94 (Mail Meeting): As an additional qualification for eligibility on the NCA Breeder/Stud Dog List:
• Applicant must have owned at least one titled (ADC, CKC, or NCA) Newfoundland. Documentation must be provided to substantiate.
New Breeder/Stud Dog list policies:
• A listing must be for new address only.
• Junior members may not be listed on the Breeders List.
• Wording has been changed from "stud dog" to "stud service".
• The back page of the Breeders List will contain information of value to the prospective Newfoundland purchaser -- extrapolated from The Newf and You
V25.4 08/94 (Mail Meeting): All applicants to the Breeders List will meet the following qualifications for eligibility:
• NCA members for five (5) consecutive years.
• Attests to always using and submits their sales agreement/stud service contract.
• Has no unresolved NCA grievances filed against.
V26.1 11/04/94: The revised policy will read:
All applicants to the Breeders List who have been suspended or denied will meet the following qualifications:
a) A waiting period no less than three (3) years commencing from the ending date of formal suspension must have passed.
b) Resubmit application with a reapplication fee of $150.
c) Must meet all current requirements for initial application.
d) The NCA Board of Directors shall review all reapplications.”
(Rationale: to communicate the rights of the Board of Directors to the membership.)
V26.4 08/14/95 (Mail Meeting): Effective 1996, the requirement (#6) that breeders must submit a sample contract as part of meeting the qualifications to be on the NCA Breeders List is rescinded (reinforced at 11/02/95 meeting).
V27.3 04/23/96: Timing of distribution of Breeders List (via Newf Tide) is discretionary (normally first or second quarter issues).
V28.4 06/25/97 (Mail Meeting): Breeders List to include a list of Regional Clubs with a contact name, address and phone number.
V29.1 11/23/97: Position statement regarding health testing approved for inclusion on the Breeders List as follows:
“The Newfoundland Club of America recommends specific types of health testing for all Newfoundlands who are breeding prospects. All breeders are encouraged
to share the results of their health testing program with any prospective puppy buyer or with owners of bitches or stud dogs used in their breeding program.
Testing includes, but is not limited to, Hip Dysplasia (OFA, OCV, PennHip, GDC); Elbow Dysplasia (OFA, OVC, GDC); various eye disorders (CERF); heart function (Board Certified Cardiologist, OFA); Thyroid Function (Michigan, OFA); and Von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD) (New York, other Accredited Lab);
Patella (OFA, GDC). Documentation should be available of clearance, test results or open registry participation for the sire and dam of the puppies. Neither participation in a registry, nor certification of results is an NCA requirement for
inclusion on this Stud Dog and Breeders List, however, all prospective buyers are encouraged to utilize this information in their inquiries. The NCA endorses the use of the open registry provided by the Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals: PO Box 222, Davis, CA 95617. Telephone/Fax: (916) 756-6773, and this open registry should be considered as an inquiry information source referenced above.”
V29.2 02/24/98 (Teleconference): Board decided that us of AKC educational material for prospective dog buyers may be a preferred approach to follow versus the NCA establishing its own list of questions for prospective buyers. Board to review material.
V32.1 11/3/00 :Breeders must attest to using non-breeding spay/neuter contracts and/or limited registration for puppies placed, where appropriate, to appear on Breeders List.
V32.3 4/2/01: Breeders list application include following statement: “The NCA expects breeders of Newfoundlands to make a lifelong commitment to all Newfoundlands they
produce. By signing the NCA Breeders List Application, I attest that if notified I will accept responsibility, physical and/or financial, for any Newfoundland bred by me that is
surrendered to a rescue service.”
V33.1 11/30/01: Ad Hoc committee formed to review the criteria and purpose of the Breeders List, the concept of publishing the list and a Breeder Education Committee.
Include problems on the number of healthy Newfoundlands available from reputable breeders. Committee should work with Health and Longevity Committee.
V.35.2 11/21/03: Board adopted Ad Hoc Breeders List Committee’s purpose statement that this list should not be a tool for breeders but as an educational tool for puppy buyers.
Board approved following qualifications for eligibility:
1. MUST have been a member in good standing of the Newfoundland Club of America, Inc. for five consecutive years
2. MUST be willing to serve as an educational resource for prospective Newfoundland owners
3. The NCA expects its members to make a life-long commitment to all Newfoundlands and to cooperate in the rescue of any Newfoundlands they produce
4. MUST have no grievances which the Arbitration Committee has found to have a basis in fact and were unresolved at the closing date for the list. NCA members and non-members may file grievances
5. MUST always use a written AGREEMENT/CONTRACT in all Newfoundland transactions
6. MUST have bred two litters while a member of the NCA
7. MUST currently or have previously bred a titles (AKC, CKC, NCA) Newfoundland (A copy of the certificate of title must be attached hereto if not previously submitted)
8. The NCA recommends that all persons on the Breeders’ List be a member of their NCA regional club. If the person does not live in the US, then he or she should be
a member of their national or regional club in the country in which they live.
Specific Breeders’ List names and information as published on the NCA website will be exact duplicate of the printed Breeder’ List.
The Ad Hoc Breeders List Committee was disbanded.
Breeders’ List fee increased from $45.00 to $50.00
V35.3 5/27/04: Include the “Adorable” flyer in the Breeders List packet. This flyer is also to be included in the $5.00 packet.
Include the Newf Tide subscription form in the Breeders List packet and in all mailings.
V35.3 7/8/04: Approved adding new members to the Breeders List Committee to help with verification of the Breeders List applications, i.e., membership information,
proof of breeding a titled dog and verifying that no charges have been filed with the Arbitration Committee.
V36.2 1/5/05: It was the consensus of the Board that the wording used on the Breeders List application form would be, “The NCA expects its members to make a life-long
commitment to every Newfoundland they produce and to cooperate in the rescue of any Newfoundlands they produce.”
V36.2 1/5/05: A breeder who is continually listed on the Breeders List does not have to resubmit documentation about the litters bred and dogs titled. A breeder whose listing lapses must fill out the entire application and provide the requested documentation in order to be listed again.
V36.2 1/5/05: Changing the Breeders List application fee $35.00 for a renewal applications and $50.00 for new applications to be approved.
7/6/05: Breeders List records will be kept for a minimum of thee years’ worth of documentation.
11/4/05: Breeders List Committee is to contact breeders on the Breeders List with a friendly reminder to the breeders to make a more concerted effort to answer inquiries in an effort to fulfill their educational requirements. Breeders are to be asked for suggestions in this area. The Breeders List Committee should also include in this reminder a description of the AKC Breeder Referral Committee’s work. Furthermore,
breeders should be reminded of their important role in the educational process.
11/4/05: Breeders on the Breeders List can notify the AKC Breeder Referral Committee of puppies when litters are expected and/or puppies or older dogs are available.
11/4/05: Accept the proposed duties and responsibilities of the Breeders List Committee as amended to include: “…… Periodically, the Committee Members, along with the
Breeder Education Committee, will review the NCA sample contracts for bill of sale…….”
1/19/06: The Board briefly reviewed the Breeders List application form and agreed to remove the signature at the end of the introductory paragraphs.



Current Activities:

Download A Breeders List Application

Committee members are Patte Testa, Lynn Nuss, and Johanna Matsuda (Chair).
The first year was a challenge for the Chairperson.  Unbeknownst to the Chairperson upon taking over the duties, NCA Board moved to have the Breeders List only posted on NCA website, not published for distribution.
The Committee proposed changes to the qualifications to be on the Breeders List and were approved by the Board.

  • “Must currently or have previously bred a titled (AKC, CKC, NCA) Newfoundland” to “Must have bred an AKC or CKC Champion Newfoundland”.

  • “Must have bred two (2) litters while a member of the NCA” to “Must have bred two (2) Newfoundland litters while a member of the NCA”.

  • Addition to Breeders List requirements:  “The applicant must have one (1) sponsor from the Breeders List (name and signature of sponsor to be on the application”.

This year, Breeders on the list were required to send their application of renewal (at no charge) to the Committee.  Of the 132 Breeders, 30% on the list did not respond.  Reasons were:  did not see the application in Newf Tide; didn’t know they had to submit an application for renewal; deadline close to the National Specialty; completely forgot about sending in the application.
Next application process, reminders will be posted on the NCA e-notes monthly newsletter, Breeders List website, Newf-Tech andNewf-L.  The Committee will be submitting a proposal for the Board to consider charging a nominal late fee for renewal applications to the Breeders List.
For 2009-2010 Breeders List, there were 122 from the United States and 10 from Canada for a total of 132 breeders.
For 2010-2011 Breeders List, we had 4 new Breeders and 3 that were deleted from the list for a total of 133 breeders.

2010 Annual Report

Our committee is made up of members Patte Testa, Lynn Nuss, and Johanna Matsuda. Unfortunately, it was too late to postpone the printing of the Breeders List (per NCA Board motion approved December 18, 2008). The approved motion was “that the Breeders List be posted on the NCA website and that the print version of the Breeders List will no longer be available except by request.”
The beginning workload of receiving/processing applications and entering the list of breeders was completed by outgoing Chairperson, Linda Maggie and her husband, Merle Maggie.
Thank you so much to Linda and Merle for making the beginning of my term an easy start.
There was light traffic on the Breeders List email account, and no requests for the printed version of the Breeders List were received. We received only two minor issues (correction/addition) from breeders on the Breeders List.
In the 2009-2010 Breeders List, there were a total of 132 breeders (United States 122 and Canada 10). A total of 33 states were represented in the list.




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