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NEW - 2/20/14 - (1) All requests for fundraising by NCA committees must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors. (Regional clubs are not required to obtain approval.)
(2) The Specialty Show Guide specifically grants approval to the NCA Health Challenge and NCA Rescue Committees and the Uniform Trophy Fund to carry on fundraising at the annual National.
(3) All other requests would be approved or denied on a case by case basis.
(4) That requests be submitted with the following information for the benefit of Board discussion:
a. Did the Committee submit a budget as required?
b. If so, why was this project not included for funding?
c. The purpose (project description) of the need and use for funds raised.
(5) That the NCA Board does not approve any year round (internet) fundraising due to concerns surrounding sales tax and unrelated income liability concerns.

NEW- 11/1/13 - The NCA Nominating Committee shall be the only NCA Committee to discuss, solicit or recruit individuals to run for the NCA Board of Directors.


  1. Chairs are appointed annually by the NCA Board.

  2. Most, but not all, NCA Committees are non-exclusive, i.e., any NCA member may serve on such a committee providing they are contributing to the goals of the committee.

  3. For exclusive (limited membership) committees, it is the responsibility of the Board to appoint committee members.  An example of that is the Nominating Committee.

  4. For non-exclusive committees, the Board may suggest or appoint committee members or the Chair may appoint as many members as they feel are necessary to conduct business effectively. Others may volunteer to serve by contacting the Committee Chair.


  1. Job descriptions will be supplied by the Committee Liaison.  (Second NCA Vice President)

  2.  Committee purpose, goals and operating policies should be understood by the Committee Chair and all committee members.

  3. Committees that are not on-going (i.e., Ad Hoc Committee) should prepare a general time schedule noting what is expected to be accomplished over a given period.

  4. A proposed budget must be prepared and submitted annually when requested by the Treasurer. All committee bills must be submitted to the Treasurer (with receipts) by the Committee Chair. Committee bills will not be paid if a budget for the year has not been submitted by the Committee Chair or if a bill is submitted without a receipt.

  5. Annual committee reports are due at the year end (normally 12/15) to the Committee Liaison and Newf Tide Policy Chair and for Newf Tide publication.  Committee Chairs are also urged to send brief periodic reports to Newf Tide regarding their committee's on-going business:  issues under discussion, issues resolved, pleas for input from membership, etc.

  6. All committee proposals and reports submitted to the Board should include the voting results on each issue.

  7. Communications for distribution to the Board should be directed to the Recording Secretary with an advance copy to the Committee Liaison.

  8. Any committee appointment may be terminated by a majority vote of the full membership of the Board upon written notice to the appointee; and the Board may appoint successors to those persons whose service has been terminated.  Each retiring Committee Chairman or member shall turn over all records and properties relating to the committee to the successor, or, if the committee has been dissolved, to the Recording Secretary, within thirty (30) days after he has been notified of the termination of his office.  Any person who fails to do so within thirty (30) days may be suspended from all privileges of the Club until the transfer is effected.

  9. Committees are to be knowledgeable of the current NCA policies governing their committee’s responsibilities.  Any policy change proposed by a committee must be referred to the Board for consideration prior to implementation.  Proposed changes in content including text, photos/illustrations, additions to or deletions from ANY official NCA publication must receive approval from the NCA Board prior to publication or distribution, whether written, video, via Internet or other media.

Operating Procedures

  1. All meetings of the committee should be conducted in a democratic manner (see By-Laws, Article II, Section 6, Conduct of Mail Meetings).  All members should have an equal voice in all decisions, and all final decisions must be based on a majority vote

  2. All committee members are expected to participate and to contribute to the work of the committee or they will be dropped from the committee.  If business is conducted by mail, missing two (2) (unexcused) consecutive meetings or three (3) (total) meetings in a calendar year is grounds for dismissal.

  1. A committee member of a Board appointed committee may be removed by notification in writing to the Second Vice President of NCA Board for possible inclusion in the Board’s next scheduled meeting (mail or otherwise).  This recommendation for removal must be submitted by the appointed Committee Chair citing reasons for removal and recommendation for replacement (based on the maintained list of candidates for that committee).  Copy of recommendation should be provided to that individual committee member.  Removal and replacement must be approved by the NCA Board.

  1. The Committee Chair should notify all members of any changes in the roster.

  2. Any Committee Chair or committee member who cannot perform their assigned job should offer their resignation immediately to the Committee Chair (Committee Member Resignation) or to the Committee Liaison (Committee Chair Resignation) rather than hold up committee functioning.  The Board will then act to fill the vacancy.

  3.  The NCA Second Vice President has been appointed as Committee Liaison and will provide any assistance requested by Committee Chairs.

  4. Any letters of complaint or recommendation received by a Board Member are to be sent to the Recording Secretary and, if appropriate, to the respective Committee Chair, within one (1) week of receipt.

  5. The Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) has an extensive network of committees who work for the benefit of the Newfoundland dog, the NCA and its members. As such, maintaining a strong and clear line of communications in the organizational committee structure is imperative for the operational effectiveness of the NCA.

    NCA Committees are directly accountable to the NCA Board of Directors and may only receive their work assignments from either the NCA Board itself or the NCA 2nd Vice President who, on behalf of the Board, serves as the Liaison between committees. Neither individual Directors, unless acting at the direction of the Board, or other NCA committees, may assign work to a committee. The position of a NCA committee on a relevant committee matter may only be presented by the respective committee chair (or other committee designee) and not by any individual committee member.

    Although formal avenues of committee communications are required for operating efficiency and consistency, this should not preclude a collegial relationship between committees or between Board members and committees. Approved 2/17/2011


V8.1    02/13/77: In order to limit phone expense, unless an answer must be received before ten (10) days, all correspondence should be through the mail.  All phone calls should be recorded in a phone log for future reference as to the nature and reason of the calls.
V11.2  04/03/80: Annual committee reports will be printed in Newf Tide.
V13.1  11/05/81: Cost of duplicating and collating materials for Board review to be borne by committees submitting documents.
V14.3  05/27/83: Committee expenditures beyond adopted budgets must be approved by Board before being allocated.
V14.3  05/27/83: Committee Chairs to submit year-end financial reports to Recording Secretary with annual reports.
V15.2  05/24/84: Procedure approved requiring each Committee Chair to approve invoices for expenditures for his/her committee before forwarding bills to Treasurer for payment.
V18.4  11/07/87: Standardized job descriptions for Officers and Committee Chairs are to be compiled.
V19.4  11/12/88: Ad hoc committee will update job descriptions of Officers and Committee Chairs.
V21.4  11/10/90: Reimbursement for committee expenses will be contingent upon the Chair submitting a budget.
V22.4  11/09/91: Because the committee structure, which exists to facilitate membership participation and involvement may not be well understood by everyone, an article will be written and published annually in Newf Tide dealing with the committee structure of the NCA so that the membership might be enabled to participate in the process as fully as each wishes.
V26.1  09/94 (Mail Meeting): NCA Committee Guidelines and Policies I. Membership 3. is amended to read:
3. "For exclusive (limited membership) committees, it is the responsibility of the Board to appoint committee members.  The Board may vote to accept recommendations from exclusive committees for people to fill vacancies thereon or may appoint anyone else who meets Board-approved criteria for membership on those committees."
"The Board directs chair(persons) of NCA Exclusive/Board Appointed committees to revise their (committee) job descriptions to incorporate this revised wording."
V28.4  08/04/97 (Teleconference): Recording Secretary to review committee guidelines for (any) necessary modifications.  Committees to be reminded that the Board must approve any changes to policy or official publications.  (Approved modifications subsequently included in guidelines in Volume II of the NCA Policies and Procedures.)

V35.2  11/21/03: Committee teleconferences must first receive express permission of the President.
V35.2  2/19/04: All committee applications should be directed to the second vice president.

5/25/05: Rescind the policy that no committee may hold a conference call without express permission of the President.
5/25/05: All committee proposals/input will be addressed by the Board and responded to—even if not fully resolved—within 60 days of their submission by the committee.
7/25/05: Forward to the Board, via the 2nd Vice President, copies of all contracts binding the NCA and create a current and historical file of these contracts to be held by the President and the Treasurer.
3/27-28/06: Any account number and/or secure password information owned/managed by the NCA (e.g., web sites, databases, password-protected CDs, etc.) be held by the NCA President, the NCA Treasurer, and the chair of the committee.
9/21/06: All committees are reminded that the Board must approve all surveys before they are sent out.
11/3-5/06: The Board accepted the Internet Committee’s proposal as follows: 1) Each committee chair should have an electronic file of all documents pertaining to the work of their committee; 2) There should be a separate “official/locked” copy in editable format (Word is the most universal) stored elsewhere, possibly with whoever is charged with providing printed copies of each document.
3/15/07: All committees receiving reports from outside sources such as OFA, AKC, etc., are required to provide the NCA Corresponding Secretary and the NCA Webmaster a copy of the report within 15 days of its receipt.  The Corresponding Secretary will maintain hard copies of all reports.  The webmaster will be requested to enter all appropriate reports into the WIKI document center.
4/30-5/1/07: All committees are required to hold teleconference meetings of their committees at least quarterly.  There must be a quorum of said committee.  All committee actions must result from a teleconference or face-to-face meeting with a quorum of said committee.









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