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Historian & Archives

Duties and Responsibilities

The NCA Historian is responsible for accumulating and storing data related to the history of the Newfoundland breed and the Newfoundland Club of America. This includes Newf Tide issues, catalogs of Newfoundland specialties, newspaper and magazine articles about the Newfoundland or NCA, and other information of interest to the NCA. This historical information shall be cataloged in a manner which allows easy access to requested data.
The NCA Historian will also maintain the NCA inventory of video cassettes relating to the Newfoundland and will arrange the purchase of each year’s National tapes to add to this collection as well as other pertinent tapes.
The Historian sends quarterly articles of interest to Newf Tide for publication which may come from the historical collection or may be based on data collection.
The Historian prepares displays for National specialties and makes arrangements to transport this to the Specialty and back to storage. The Historian will supervise the displays or delegate this responsibility to another responsible NCA member.
The Historian keeps accurate records of all receipts and monies and forwards them along with expense records to the Treasurer in a timely manner.
An annual report is to be submitted to the Second Vice President in January for Newf Tide publication. The Historian submits an estimated annual budget to the Treasurer in January of each year.

History & Board Actions

V14.3 05/29/83 (Mail Meeting)
Club Historian will make available a number of albums at each National Specialty show even if he/she is not present.
V14.3 05/29/83 (Mail Meeting)
Except for the Newfoundland memorabilia gathered by the Historian for his/her personal collection, the historical data and items collected by the Historian since his/her appointment shall be considered NCA property. Additionally, all NCA financed copies of materials in the personal collection of the Club Historian shall be considered NCA property.
V20.2 05/26/89
Historian Committee split into two (2) separate committees; Database Committee which will handle computerized data records and Historian Committee which will gather, transport and display Club's historical materials.
V22.2 03/28/91
Within thirty (30) days of any NCA-sanctioned event, a marked catalog must be sent to the NCA Historian.
V22.2 03/28/91
The host club for each National Specialty will provide the Historian with 8" X 10" photos of the BOB, BOS, WD, WB and HIT winners.
V22.4 11/09/91
The Historian will dispose of all membership applications over four (4) years old.
V22.4 11/09/91
The Historian is encouraged to write articles for Newf Tide on historically significant kennels.
V22.4 11/09/91
Given that the number of copies of Newf Tide printed is fixed by contract, a minimum of 75 copies of each Newf Tide issue will be sent to the Membership Chair for distribution to
new members if an overrun exists. All remaining copies beyond the minimum of two (2) for the Historian's file, are to be sent to the Historian. The Membership Chair will forward to the Historian all excess copies in a timely fashion.
V22.4 11/09/91
Retiring NCA Presidents will forward all material over two (2) years old to the Historian.
V28.1 11/03/96
Historian responsible for determining availability of backissues of Newf Tide for use by Regional Clubs hosting National Specialties as ring favors, table favors and/or auction items.
V30.1 11/01/98
Responsibility to acquire videotape for each National Specialty added to job description (transferred from abolished Audio Visual Committee).
V31.3 5/2/00
Selected items sent to AKC Archival Program for posterity. Back issues of NewfTide be used by Regional Clubs after future National Specialty host clubs have opportunity to use back issues. Shipments made at expense of NCA.



Current Activities

2011 NCA Historian Annual Report - Mary Jane Spackman

During 2011 I continued on the articles concerning our Honorary Members as well as some historical articles on our breed. At this point I continue to work on our Honorary members who are still alive, focusing on the how and why of their reason of their commitment to our breed and the NCA. Also this year I received a link, from a former NCA member, Tracy Warncke. This a site that chronicles the history of our country through newspapers. It states “Search America’s historic newspapers pages from 1836-1922 or use the U.S. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present. Chronicling America is sponsored jointly by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress.” To explore the history of the history of the Newfoundland in our country, simply type Newfoundland Dog into the search box and the number of articles is incredible!
Once again I would like to thank you for the honor of serving as Historian for our breed and our club.

2010 Historian & Archivist Annual Report
by Mary Jane Spackman

Again this year I have focused on the contributions and legacy of our Honorary Members in my quarterly article. My initial hope was to complete this project in 2010, however as I turned the page from the members who are deceased to the ones still living, I felt that it was only right to ask them to write a short history of their love and journey with our breed. I would like to thank all those who have so willingly submitted their bios and don’t worry if I haven’t contacted you yet, I will!

Moreover, as a result of my research on our Honorary members, I submitted a request to the NCA Board to recognize the contributions of Mrs. Elizabeth Loring Powers, Waseeka Kennels, with an annual trophy to the winner of the stud dog and brood bitch class at the National Specialty. The Board approved this request, and thus, each year a trophy in her name will be awarded recognizing her contributions to our breed and the Newfoundland as we know it today in the United States.

In closing, if anyone has historical information, articles, pictures, or documents related to the breed, please contact me at I enjoy researching the history of our breed and the individuals who have made this breed what it is today. Thank you for privilege of serving as the NCA Historian.




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