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Committee Established:

Committe Type: Board Appointed

Judges Education Committee

Duties and Responsibilities (modified 10/31/98)

Duties and responsibilities of the Judges Education Committee (JEC) include to:
• Prepare and send packets of educational material to individuals listed in the AKC Gazette who are applying to judge Newfoundlands.
• Develop and provide materials and assist Regional Clubs in holding judges' study groups with their Regional Specialties.
• Make the necessary arrangements for Judges' Breed Study Group at National Specialties and act as hosts and tutors for those attending.
• Provide names of Breed Mentors to judges' education associations for breed presentations at meetings and seminars and to act as mentors for individual judges planning to apply for Newfoundlands as an additional breed.
• To make available on loan, the AKC Newfoundland videotape, to judges and prospective judges and to send it on loan to judges doing the National Specialty.
• Reply to questions and requests generated by a list in the AKC Gazette of all parent club Judges' Education Coordinators by AKC. Also reply to questions and requests from other sources.

The Judges Education Committee shall be comprised of twelve (12) members including the Chair. Committee members shall meet all the criteria considered for selection as a Breed Mentor. Potential JEC members are recommended by the JEC from the Breed Mentor list to the NCA Board for approval and appointment to the Committee (see criteria below). Committee members are required to work within NCA Committee Guidelines and participate on a regular basis in mail meetings and educational breed seminars. When present at Specialties, where a breed study group is conducted, members shall contribute to all Committee activities. A JEC member must have the ability to lead a large seminar on the breed before judges without promoting their own kennel or bloodline.

Criteria for NCA Breed Mentors and Judges Education Committee Members

To be considered for listing by the Judges Education Committee on the NCA Breed Mentor List, a person must meet the following basic criteria:
A. Owned and exhibited Newfoundlands for a minimum of ten (10) years
B. Bred four (4) Champions as a sole breeder, not co-breeder, unless the co-breeder resides at the same premises
C. Attended Specialties
D. Be an NCA Member

Additional criteria considered by the JEC for becoming a Breed Mentor include:
1. For purposes of educating prospective Newfoundland judges, candidates should possess an in-depth understanding of the Standard as demonstrated by all or some of the following:
a. Has shown skills as an approved, provisional or sweepstakes judge at Specialties
b. Has consistently bred and shown dogs of excellent quality
c. Has owned or produced ROM dogs
d. Has demonstrated an ability to recognize type while informally observing and discussing individual dogs or groups of dogs
2. Candidate should have objectivity which includes the ability to recognize that while there is only one correct type, there may be many acceptable styles.
3. Candidate should possess good communication skills.
4. Willingness to travel to make presentations at judges’ study groups.

All AKC approved Newfoundland judges for whom Newfoundlands are their primary breed will be on the list of Breed Mentors if they desire to participate. United States
residency is not a necessary requirement to being a Breed Mentor.

JEC Members shall meet all the Basic Criteria (A, B, C, D) and Additional Criteria (1, 2, 3, 4) as delineated above.

History & Board Actions

V15.4 01/10/85 (Mail Meeting)
Education Committee established.
V16.2 04/28/85
Illustrated Guide to be distributed to present judges and applying judges.
V18.4 11/07/87
The Illustrated Guide will be sent to all those printed in the AKC Gazette who are applying to judge Newfoundlands.
V21.2 02/90 (Mail Meeting)
Education Committee divided into two (2) committees to include the General Education Committee and the Judges' Education Committee.
V21.2 02/90 (Mail Meeting)
The Board approved the revised “Tips for Judging Newfoundlands”.
V22.1 02/22/91 (Mail Meeting)
Extra night's lodging and one (1) meal approved for committee members attending National Specialty (one time appeal).
V24.1 11/14/92
Committee recommendations concerning Committee size and membership qualifications accepted.
V24.1 11/14/92
Board approved recommendation encouraging Regional Clubs to hold Judges Education Seminars in conjunction with Regional Specialties, as official NCA events under the jurisdiction of the Judges Education Committee.
V25.3 05/22/94
Accepted clarification insert to the “Illustrated Guide” contained in the Judges Education packets regarding the disqualification criteria for gray and white and brown and white; (i.e.; “Any Newfoundland whose coat color is brown and white, or gray and white, is to be disqualified if white is, without question, the predominant color.”)
V26.1 11/04/94
Judges Education Committee instructed to proceed with the AKC Imaging Program on the Newfoundland breed which can be used for general educational purposes on the Standard.
V26.3 04/25/95
A video prepared on the “History of the Newfoundland” was approved for use by the Judges Education Committee and Audio Visual Committee.
V28.1 11/01/96
JEC directed to develop more definite criteria for being included on the Breed Mentor List.
V28.3 03/30/97
Board approved JEC recommendation that (budgeted) JEC funds can be utilized by members making presentations at breed seminars for covering mileage, meals, and accommodations.
V30.1 10/31/98
Board approves amended wording for the job description for committee which includes criteria for being a committee member and an NCA Breed Mentor.
V31.1 10/30/99
Board directed the JEC: (1) to produce a new breed video in conjunction with the AKC; (2) to professionally produce a seminar video and make it available for use by the regional clubs; (3) to write an article or series of articles for Newf Tide which would better inform the membership of who they are and what they do; (4) to update the slide show (the Board does not need to approve each individual slide). Board approved all currently used JEC seminar materials and required that all future materials, revisions, or changes in policy receive advanced Board approval. Board moved that AKC video of a JEC seminar be retired. Board encouraged the attendance of NCA members and breed fanciers at JEC seminars on a space available basis as non-registered observers. Regional Club Liaison directed to contact regional clubs and encourage them to sponsor NCA JEC Newfoundland seminars. Consensus of Board that JEC formulate a plan to increase the number of dogs and strive for diversification when selecting said dogs. NCA AKC Delegate directed to contact AKC regarding producing a new breed video as present video was produced before existing (1990) Newfoundland Standards was approved. Board to add two (2) to four (4) new members to the JEC.
V31.3 5/2/00
Continue to use positive approach when discussing all dogs and increase efforts to recruit more Newfoundlands to be used in seminar presentations.
V32.1 11/3/00
Permission given to Newfoundland Club of Australia to use Illustrated Guide as a judges education tool. Translations of the Illustrated Guide or the Breed Standard will not be approved by NCA.
V32.3 4/2/01
Send copy of approved Specialty Show Judges List for 2002 AKC/Eukanuba American Dog Show Classic.
V32.4 6/19/01
Board directs Judges Education Committee to write article to be published in AKC Judges Newsletter to review the intent of the present wording of the Illustrated Guide regarding grooming.
V33.1 12/1/01
Board approves article on grooming for publication in AKC Judges Newsletter. Board disapproved concept of “thumbnail sketch”
V33.3 4/23/02
JEC to develop concept of a visual sketch to use for breed seminar presentation.
V34.1 11/2/02
Board will consider not just JEC membership recommendations for committee appointments, but any other NCA member who meets the established criteria.
V34.3 4/21/03
JEC voting on breed mentors to be done by two-thirds of the JEC present at their annual meeting.
Breed Mentor criteria revised:
A. Owned and exhibited Newfoundlands for a minimum of twelve (12) years.
B. Bred five (5) champions as a sole breeder.
C. Attend specialties
D. Be an NCA Member
Recommended that prospective breed mentors attend two breed seminars so they have some interaction with the JEC.
Those who wish to become breed mentors should make an application to the JEC to document their qualifications. If not accepted, person can then bring their application and qualifications to the Board.
11/2-4/07: Relative to the new JEC presentation, the JEC is directed to address the
following recommendations of the Board within the next year:
• Replace the still photos showing the roll of loose skin on the back of the dog with a video segment
• Include some video segments showing front movement
• Add something to the presentation explaining why we call white and black dogs “Landseer.”
• Replace the video clip at the end of the presentation with the dog in the water with some carting footage of dogs doing real work such as hauling firewood or children.
11/2-4/07: The following statement will be added to the JEC letter that will be sent in for publication in the AKC Judge’s Newsletter: “The dog should not be so groomed that it impairs the ability to judge the proper coat texture or that an open coat is created.”

line Judges Education Center

Current Activities

2011 Judges Education Committee Annual Report by Denise Castonguay, Chair

The Judges Education Committee (JEC) is comprised of 15 Board-appointed members whose mission it is to help educate and mentor conformation judges and prospective Newfoundland judges on the standard written for the Newfoundland.   When requested the JEC members, along with Breed Mentors, conduct workshops, seminars and judges study groups at specialty shows throughout the country.  The JEC also responds to requests for information and/or to arrange workshops/seminars from the NCA Board of Directors, the AKC, judges study groups and from individuals.  The JEC maintains and distributes educational material for use at all seminars and workshops as well as develops the criteria for breed mentors and JEC members.

Since 2008, over 150 judges and prospective judges of Newfoundlands have been mentored by the JEC.  In 2010 the JEC conducted 4 seminars across the country, including our annual presentation, workshop and ringside mentoring at the national specialty.

The handout version of the JEC's PowerPoint breed presentation is available for download from the NCA website.  Also on the website is a list of all breed mentors and their contact information, along with the criteria for becoming a breed mentor.  Breed mentors now number 58 across the country, including 4 in Canada.  In every case, a breed presentation is conducted by a JEC member along with the help of breed mentors who assist in the presentation and provide dogs for hands on experience for the participants.

All breed mentors and JEC members must adhere to the duties and responsibilities of their position which includes the ability to lead a large seminar on the breed before judges without promoting their own kennel or bloodline. 

The JEC continues to update and augment our powerpoint presentation for judges.  Almost all the handout materials given to judges are now contained on the CD handed out at JEC seminars.  Whenever possible, we encourage our committee members who present our seminars to attend those of other breeds.  Great ideas are gathered this way that can enhance and further our own breed CDs and presentation materials.

Those serving on the JEC in 2011 are Jim Bricknell, Barbara Finch, Roger Frey, Kathy Griffin, Kim Griffith, Peggy  Helming, Sue Jones, Ingrid Lyden, Jean McAdams, Betty McDonnell, Robin Seaman, Deb Wigal, Lynn Anderson-Powell and Margaret Willmott.  Along with regular committee duties, Betty McDonnell continues to maintain our breed mentor list, Peggy Helming  is in charge of the maintenance and possession of all printed JEC materials and Ingrid Lyden serves as secretary to the committee.  I wish to thank my committee for their active participation as they always respond to every request made of the JEC.  I am truly fortunate to work with a group that is truly dedicated and committed to the Newfoundland breed.

Respectively submitted,
Denise Castonguay
NCA JEC Chairperson






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