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Committee Established: 2009

Committe Type: Ad Hoc

Newf Ambassador Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

History & Board Actions



Current Activities

Newfoundland Ambassador Committee
2011 Annual Report – Chris Plum, chair

In the past year the Newfoundland Ambassador gained status as a full committee.  The Board asked the General Education Committee to consider it as a sub-committee, but ultimately it was created as an independent entity.
The ad hoc Committee’s final report to the Board, at the time of the National Specialty, defined broad parameters for the qualifications of a Newfoundland Ambassador and the current committee is charged with formalizing these qualifications.
The committee is also working on defining how Ambassadors will be contacted, how they will track their contacts and responses, and how they will work with other committees and use the resources of the NCA for the betterment of the breed.
The primary purpose of the committee is seen as the solicitation, selection, training and support of Newfoundland Ambassadors.  The purpose of the Ambassadors themselves is to provide an easy way for members of the public to get acquainted with Newfoundland dogs and their many activities. The committee is currently seeking to expand its membership beyond the current six members to reach more areas of the country and best understand the opportunities and challenges that Newfoundland Ambassadors need to be prepared for.


2010 Annual Report - Mary Lou Roberts, chair

Previously called the “Breed Steward” program, our committee has been renamed the “Newfoundland Ambassador” program to avoid any confusion with other programs.

The task of this committee is to recommend to the Board the
best way to implement, administer, and report on the program.

We are hard at work addressing such questions as:
• Who is qualified to be a Newfoundland Ambassador?
• What should Newfoundland Ambassadors know?
• How will they be contacted?
• What is the role of regional clubs within the program?
• What resources should be made available to them for
purposes of educating the public?
• Under what existing or new committee will the program
be managed?
• How will Ambassadors report on their interactions with
the public?
• How will the program interface with other NCA initiatives
(such as Breeder Referral, for example)?
The committee hopes to have its report available for the Board no later than the National Specialty.





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