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Committee Established:

Committe Type: Board Appointed

Obedience Committee - changed to Performance and Companion Events

Duties and Responsibilities

The job of the obedience committee is threefold: record keeping, sending award jewelry, writing articles for Newf Tide.

Record Keeping
A record is made of all Newfoundland titlists, whether member-owned or non-member- owned. A comprehensive record of all titlists within each calendar year is added to the cumulative notebook. This record includes all pertinent data from AKC as well as NCA particulars

Award Jewelry
The owners of new obedience titles are sent a congratulatory letter, and an award pin (if NCA members) and a letter explaining the Annual publication and an Annual data sheet. For non-members a letter inviting NCA membership replaces the award sent An inventory of awards must be maintained and new orders made when necessary. Co- owners and breeders may obtain duplicate pins for $10.

Newf Tide
An official report of the number of titlists is sent to Newf Tide to be included in the obedience column at years end The Obedience Chair will contribute training or
competition articles to Newf Tide on a quarterly basis. He/she may write the article or have it written by a guest columnist.

History & Board Actions

V11.2 02/10/80
A medallion to be given to OTCH winners to be designed and manufactured.
V21.4 11/10/90
The Obedience Committee will designate an appropriate stone for the Obedience Trial Champion Award (OTCH).
V22.4 11/09/91
The Board authorized the creation of six new dies, one for each of the AKC titles offered. The new design will retain the existing head study and the words: Newfoundland Club of America" and add the word "obedience" and the letters representing the specific title which the award represents.
V27.1 04/28/96
Agility titlists will be recognized with a pin.
V28.1 11/02/96
Policy regarding multiple obedience trials at National Specialties defined under National Specialty Shows.
V28.1 11/03/96
NCA plate to be offered to High Scoring Newfoundland in trial at Regional Specialties.
V28.2 12/23/96 (Mail Meeting)
Committee directed to formulate and communicate the NCA’s support to the AKC for lowering obedience jump heights.
V28.4 06/25/97 (Mail Meeting)
NCA advised that AKC will include Newfoundlands in the next group of breeds recommended for lower jump heights (3/4 the height at the withers) effective January 1, 1998.



Current Activities

2010 Obedience Committee Annual Report by Joyce Arivella, Chair

This year AKC has added a few new obedience and other performance event titles. Newfoundlands now have an opportunity to earn titles for Beginner Novice(BN), Graduate Novice(GN), Graduate Open(GO) and Versatilty(VER). The obedience regulations book can be downloaded from the AKC website for more information on these new titles. As of the writing of this report, we have most of this year’s 2010 performance event statistics compiled from the AKC.
We congratulate everyone for their hard work in the various performance events. From January through October 2010, our Newfoundlands earned a combined total of 163 titles in AKC performance events. In traditional obedience events, our dog/handler teams earned 46 Companion Dog (CD) titles, 9 Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) titles, three Utility Dog (UD) titles, one Utility Dog Excellent(UDX) title, one Versatility(VER)
title and two Beginner Novice (BN) titles. In Rally Obedience, we have 56 Rally Novice (RN) titles, 18 Rally Advanced (RA) titles, 18 Rally Excellent (RE) titles, one Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) and one Rally Advanced Excellent 2 (RAE2) title. In tracking our dog/handler teams earned one Tracking Dog (TD) title and two Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) titles. In agility, our dog/handler teams earned one Novice Agility Preferred (NAP) title, one Open Agility Jumper Preferred (OJP) title, and one Agility Fast Open Preferred (OFP) title.
I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank my committee, Edith Markoff.





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