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Committee Established: 1970

Committe Type: Board Appointed

Specialty Show Committee

Duties and Responsibilities


History & Board Actions

Donations from NCA to Regional Clubs for National Specialties are not automatically made. Rather, the NCA Treasurer must receive a request from the “responsible person” in the Regional Club sponsoring the show.
V5.2 04/28/74
Each Regional Club hosting the National Specialty will be requested to send a show procedure and financial report to the NCA Show Coordinator, Treasurer, and President of the next host club. Additionally, all profits and losses from a National Specialty are to be returned to the NCA.
V8.3 05/27/77 (Mail Meeting)
Regional Clubs should have experience in hosting Regional Specialties before they host a National Specialty.
V8.3 06/17/77
Board approval of National Specialty judges can be omitted if judges are on the revised NCA Approved Judging List.
V9.2 02/13/78
Judges not appearing on the NCA Approved Judges List may be considered for judging assignments at National Specialties but host clubs must not make a commitment without Board sanctioning.
V9.2 02/13/78
NCA Treasurer to advise National Specialty host clubs of possible pitfalls and expenditures and to send suggested guidelines.
V9.2 02/13/78
No National Specialty shows can be held in June, July or August.
V10.4 09/28/79
National Specialties will only be held in March, April or May.
V10.4 09/28/79
One-third (1/3) of National Specialty show profits are to be returned to NCA and two- thirds (2/3) may be kept by the host club.

V11.2 04/03/80
The NCA will bear the expense of printing in National Specialty Show catalogs the listings of former National Specialty Show winners (i.e., Best of Breed/Best of Opposite Sex, High Scoring Newfoundland in Trial, Top Junior Handler). These lists are to be updated annually by the Specialty Show Coordinator and supplied to the host club in time for catalog printing.
V11.2 04/03/80
Rosettes will be awarded at National Specialty Shows to recipients of the Select Dogs and Select Bitches.
V11.3 06/17/80 (Mail Meeting)
A photo of the Best of Breed winner from each year's National Specialty show is to be featured on the front cover of Newf Tide. A full-page picture of the Best of Opposite Sex winner is to be published in the same issue. In addition, the National Specialty show issue of Newf Tide is to include photographs of the Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, the Sweepstakes winner (when applicable), and all first place conformation class winners. The High Scoring Dog in Trial, all first place obedience class winners, and the winner of the carting competition are to be pictured. A group photograph of Water Test qualifiers is to be published also. The usual catalog information (i.e., sire, dam, date of birth, etc.) is to be printed with each photograph. Class placements, along with the catalog information, and the number of dogs entered in each class are to be noted.
V14.3 05/29/83
Regional Specialty shows can be held at any time if they are at least two (2) weeks before or after a National Specialty show and at least five hundred (500) miles distance from the site of the National Specialty show.
V14.3 05/29/83
Licensed show superintendents must be used for National Specialty shows unless otherwise approved by the Board.
V14.3 05/29/83
The National Specialty Show Guide will recommend show ring sizes.
V14.3 05/29/83
The National Specialty Show Guide will stipulate that no restrictions may be imposed on who may handle entries in sweepstakes competitions.
V15.4 01/10/85 (Mail Meeting)
Regional Clubs wishing to host a National Specialty must submit a formal proposal to the Board.

V20.2 05/26/89
All National Specialties shall now be scheduled for four (4) days.
V20.2 05/26/89
Host club shall include Annual Meeting and Proxy notice with the National Specialty mailing whenever feasible. NCA will supply labels.
V20.2 05/26/89
Specialty Show Chair is to inform show giving clubs that consideration be given to reserving convenient rooms for the disabled at National Specialties. Those requesting rooms of this type need to provide timely notification to the host club.
V21.2 04/19/90
Entry fee for Veteran breed and obedience classes at National Specialties will be limited to the superintendent's processing fee and the AKC recording fee.
V28.1 11/03/96
Regional Clubs hosting National Specialties will be allowed to use available back issues of Newf Tide (as determined by the Historian) as ring favors, table favors and/or auction items. Shipping costs to Regional Club.
V28.1 11/04/96
• The NCA will reimburse the Host Regional Club for the expense of printing in the National Specialty Show Catalog for the required (logo or title page), the list of current NCA Officers/Directors, Official Breed Standard, listing of past winners (including selects), and any optional pages the Regional Club chooses to include from the following list: Registry of Merit Dogs and Bitches, Versatile Newfoundlands, Past Good Sportsman Award, Isabel Kurth Award recipients and honorary members.
(Update of V11.2 04/30/80 policy under National Specialty Show Coordinator.)
• Policy established regarding holding additional obedience trials at National Specialties:
1. Only one (1) trial during the week of the National will be designated as being sponsored by the NCA and offered Uniform Trophies.
2. Additional trial (or trials) may be hosted by the host and/or other Regional Clubs. Trials will be considered Regional Specialty Trials. NCA to offer same plate offered for High in Trial at other Regional Specialties.
V28.2 02/21/97 (Mail Meeting)
Board voted to notify AKC (and Show Superintendents) of its preference for divided open classes to be listed as “Open, Black” and “Open, Other Than Black”.
V29.1 11/22/97
Board directed that a statement be included in the Specialty Show Guide noting that the top twenty (20) event is NOT an official NCA event and that selection criteria are established at the discretion of the host club.
V29.2 02/24/98 (Teleconference)
Board approved holding (AKC approved) NCA Agility Trial at the 1999 National Specialty (more details under Working Dog Chair).
V29.2 03/24/98 (Teleconference)
Board reaffirmed existing 1983 that there is no NCA restriction on anyone handling dogs in Sweepstakes competition. (Reaffirmation done due to one-time exemption allowed at 1998 National regarding (improper) registration in premium list which registered professional handlers.)
V30.2 02/02/99 (Teleconference)
Board directed that following be added to NCA Specialty Show Guide: Any list of approved NCA Specialty Show Judges shall remain in effect until a new list is created.
V30.2 03/02/99 (Teleconference)
Board approved conducting a Maturity Class at 2000 National Specialty. A Maturity Class is a non-regular class comprised of three dogs representing three generations. The entry need not be of one sex. All three dogs are judged.
V30.3 03/24/99
Approved Obedience Judges requirement from the National Specialty Show Guide deleted. Regional Clubs can now hire any AKC licensed Obedience Judge for Nationals.
V33.1 12/1/01
Ad Hoc committee established to evaluate the feasibility of holding a Health Class at the National Specialty and/or Regional Specialties. Work with Health and Longevity and Database Committees.
V34.1 11/2/01
Board encourages clubs hosting National Specialties to offer AKC DNA clinics at a reduced fee offered by AKC.
V33.2 2/7/02
#1 Limited Edition plate (2001 2nd edition) to fine arts auction at National Specialty with proceeds to the Uniform Trophy fund.
V34.1 11/2/02
Encourage screening clinics at Nationals and Regionals, eg. Cardiology and DNA testing. Committee should develop policy change, foreign judges for National Specialties should be NCA members
V34.3 4/21/03 Multiple Regional Specialties (two or more) may not take place 35 days prior to Best of Breed judging or 21 days after Best of Breed judging at a National Specialty.
V34.4 5/27/03
A VN class at the upcoming 2004 National Specialty approved.
3/27-28/06: Approve using the event survey as developed by the Specialty Show committee for a trial period of three years.

Regional Specialty Shows

V11.3 06/17/80 (Mail Meeting)
Concerning Regional Specialty Shows, Newf Tide will print the usual catalog information, i.e., sire, dam, date of birth, etc., is to be printed with each photograph. Class placements, along with the catalog information, and the number of dogs entered in each class are to be noted.
V14.3 05/29/83
Regional Specialty shows can be held at any time if they are least two (2) weeks before or after a National Specialty show and at least five hundred (500) miles distance from the site of the National Specialty show.
V16.2 04/25/85 (Replaces V14.2 05/29/93)
No Regional Specialty may be held within fourteen (14) days before or after the inclusive dates of the National Specialty. No Regional Specialty within two hundred (200) miles of the National Specialty site may be held within twenty eight (28) days before or after the inclusive dates of the National Specialty.
V25.2 11/06/93
The present policy regarding scheduling the dates of Regional Specialties with respect to National Specialty date will encompass scheduling of Regional Specialties to each other. However, exceptions will be made when there is a written agreement between clubs.
V28.1 11/03/96
NCA to provide a plate (identical to the BOB plate) to Clubs hosting Regional Specialties for High Scoring Newfoundland in Trial.
V28.2 02/21/97 (Mail Meeting)
Board voted to notify AKC (and Show Superintendents) of its preference for divided open classes to be established as “Open, Black” and “Open, Other than Black”.
V29.1 09/16/97 (Teleconference)
Regional Clubs to provide Award of Merit data from Regional Specialties to the Regional Specialty Coordinator as part of post show reports.
V29.4 06/16/98 (Teleconference)
Board removes requirement of $50 application fee for Regional Clubs hosting NCA Regional Specialties.
V32.1 11/3/00
AKC requires that regional clubs name, logo, board of directors may not be printed in premium lists nor catalogs including checks made payable to regional club. Regional clubs names may only be listed for trophy donations.
V32.2 1/23/01
NCA pay Regional Specialty show fees to AKC retroactive to January 1, 2001. NCA cover cost of providing Award of Merit medallions.
V34.3 4/21/03
Multiple Regional Specialties (two or more) may not take place 35 days prior to Best of Breed judging or 21 days after Best of Breed judging at a National Specialty.
V.34.4 5/27/03
AKC delegate reported that AKC has formally stated that non-licensed, non-sanctioned clubs cannot hold an AKC licensed show, which means the NCA must continue to be the host of Regional and National Specialties.
V.35.2 11/21/03
Fee to AKC for regional clubs to hold regional specialties reinstated.



Regional Specialty Guide

National Specialty Guide

National Specialty Site

Current Activities

2008 Specialty Show Coordinating Committee Annual Report by Robin Seaman, Chair

National Specialty Show
The Specialty Show Coordinating Committee extends a huge
thank you to the Newfoundland Club of New England, guided by Cindi Goodwin and all her committees, for a wonderful National Warwick, Rhode Island. They all did a wonderful job.
Committee members are Uniform Trophies—Diane Lavin; Properties— Nancy Duggan; Finances—Jack Witt; Specialty Guide—Barbara Finch, Kathy Paxton, and Cindi Goodwin; and Working—Lori Littleford. Sandee Lovett has also joined our committee, and Peggy Helming has moved from ex officio to regular member. We thank Chris LaMuraglia, who has done Uniform Trophies for the last several year, for her work as she had decided to step down. Sheila Luca has assisted the committee with the Limited Edition plates. Her mother, Susan Cabral, did the art work for this past year’s plate. She has agreed to do it again for 2009 and has used a Frankenmuth theme. The committee has been very busy this year. Finally, the Specialty Guide is completed by the committee and in the hands of the Board for final review and approval. Many long hours went into this document by all members of the committee, and we are very pleased
with the outcome. Sandee Lovett and Maredith Reggie spent quite a bit of time formatting it into a workable document.

The Board has approved a couple of new changes for upcoming Nationals. Effective with the 2010 National Specialty, the information packet for the National Specialty will be posted on the NCA website and will not be sent with Newf Tide. Any NCA member may request a hard copy to be sent via mail. A page insert in Newf Tide will announce where the information packet can be found on the NCA website and how to obtain a hard copy. This will be both more cost effective and also more timely as it will probably be on the website in early October. The second change involves obedience. Graduate Novice, veteran, brace and team non-regular obedience classes must be offered at the National Specialty Obedience Trial; these classes will continue to be optional at regional trials held in conjunction with the National. The Newfoundland Club of America, with Sandee Lovett at the helm as the Show Chair, will host the National Specialty in 2010. Robin Seaman will be the co-chair. Once again, we will be going to the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, Michigan Lodge on May 4- 8. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please get in touch with Sandee. This will be the first time in many years that a regional club has not hosted a National. The 2009 National will be in Frankenmuth, Michigan, at the Bavarian Inn Lodge from April 27 to May 3. Nancy Duggan will be the chair of this event. The theme will be “Somewhere in Time.” If a regional club is interested in hosting a National, please rememberthat the National Specialty Committee is willing to work with your club in all aspects.

Regional Specialty Shows
From November 1, 2007 through October 31, 2008, there were 18 regional specialties. Again, two clubs held back-to-back shows with much success. The Specialties were Newfoundland Club of Southern California, November 2; Newfoundland Club of Hawaii, November 3; Northstar Newfoundland Club, December 7; Pacific Northwest Newfoundland Club, January 17; High Country Newfoundland Club, February 14; Newfoundland Club of San Diego, February 22; North Central Newfoundland Club, February 29 and March 1; New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club, April 12; Bear Mountain Newfoundland Club, June 21; Newfoundland Club of Seattle, August 22; Genesee Newfoundland Club, September 27; Heart of America Newfoundland Club, October 3; River King Newfoundland Club, October 19; Colonial Newfoundland Club, October 25 and 26; Newfoundland Club of Northern California, October 24; and Newfoundland Club of Southern California, October 31. Once again, the majority of regional specialties were held independently, but seven were in conjunction with all-breed shows. Clubs planning a regional specialty can find the Regional Specialty Guide on the NCA website, but should be aware of the following: The AKC requires specialty show applications be received six months prior to the show’s date when the specialty show is held in conjunction with an all-breed show and seven months if the specialty is independent. The NCA application must be sent to the NCA Specialty Co-ordinator three weeks prior to the AKC deadline. This will allow the co-ordinator time to fill out forms and submit them to the AKC. The AKC will assess a fine to the NCA when the application is late. Please be aware that the NCA Specialty Co-ordinator has the right to refuse any application that is going to be subject to a fine by the AKC. The NCA has a policy concerning specialty show conflicts. When deciding on a date, please clear the date with the Specialty Co-ordinator for any possible conflicts. The NCA has a policy concerning multiple regional specialties prior to or after the National. The Specialty Co-ordinator requires that the application be filled out and submitted on the proper forms. These are now available of the NCA website with the Regional Specialty Guide. The show chairman must be a member in good standing with the NCA. The AKC also requires that a Disaster and Emergency Plan be submitted for any independent regional. The Emergency Response Coordinator must also be an NCA member in good standing. A check made out to NCA must also be submitted for the fees due AKC. The Award of Merit worksheet needs to be submitted two weeks after the specialty. The results of the winners are necessary so that the Awards Chair can accurately tabulate the dogs for inclusion in the annual awards. This form is also available at the website. A marked catalog needs to be sent to the NCA historian and to the editor of Newf Tide.




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