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Register of Merit

Registry of Merit

The Newfoundland Club of America Registry of Merit (ROM) system was designed to honor those Newfoundlands who have proven themselves to be exceptional producers of Champions and Working dogs.

2007 Register of Merit Inductees

Am./Can. Ch. Abbyacres Duncan McIver, ROM
Ch. Abbyacres Kati, ROM
Ch. Abbyacres Rita of Nikoma, ROM
Ch. Ad Lib of Pouch Cove, ROM
Adrian's Touch of Evergreen, ROM
Alii Shores Special Delivery, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Amadeus Adagio Non Troppo, ROM
Ch. Amity's Bearfoot of Pouch Cove, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Amity's Taylor of Pouch Cove, CD, CGC, TDI, ROM
Can. Ch. Arval's Nanook, Am./Can. CD, ROM

Am./Can. Ch. Bandom's Sir Robert Bowater, ROM
Barbara-Allen's Grey October, Am./Can. TD, WD, ROM
Barbara-Allen's Magnum Maggie, CD, ROM
Ch. Barharber April Nashau-Auke, ROM
Ch. Barharber's Just West of East, ROM
Ch. Barharber's Rosco Pouch Cove, ROM
VN Ch. Barharber's Tessa Ranchero, CD, WRD, TDD, ROM
Ch. Barharber's Wilbur Right, ROM
VN Ch. Bear N Mind Over Matter of S.K.I., CD, WRD, DD, ROM
Can./Ita./Int. Ch. Bearbrook's Barnacle Bill, ROM
Ch. Bellisama De Lorene, ROM
Belmires Hello Dolly, ROM
Ch. Benhil's Stillwater Gulliver, ROM
Ch. Benhil's Uptown Girl, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Birkegardens Brave Boatswain, ROM
Ch. Black Molly of Warren, ROM

Can. Ch. Black-Shadows Baileys On Ice, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Blackgold's Casey Greer, ROM
VN Ch. Blackstone Blessing of Kilyka, UD, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. Blackstone's Percyful James, ROM
Ch. Blackwatch Goliath, ROM
Ch. Blue Heaven Queen of Heaven, ROM
Ch. Bonnavista, ROM
Ch. Bonnie Bay's Baloo of Benhil, ROM
Ch. Bonnie Bay's Brigus, ROM
Ch. Bonnie Bays Nicholas Jasam, ROM
Bos'n Bo Terranova Rhea, ROM
Ch. Brenrichs Sunvalley McLaurin, DD, ROM
Ch. Briarcreek Monks Baby, ROM
Ch. Briarcreek's Calamity Jane, ROM
Ch. Briarcreeks Storm Tide, CD, ROM
Ch. Britannia's Bery of Pouch Cove, ROM
Am./Can./Mex./Int. Ch. Brunhaus Bobby of Topmast, ROM
Ch. Buddybear's Met et Soleil, ROM

Ch. Cachalot's Premier Cru, CD, CGC, ROM
Calli's Shade of Black, ROM
Ch. Canoochee de Nashau-Auke, ROM
Ch. Carr's Black Sam of Bethward, ROM
VN Am./Can. Ch. Castanewf’s Make Believe, CD, WRD, Can. WRD, DD, ROM
World, Ch of the Americas, VN Am./Can./Mex. Ch.  Castanewf’s Mister November, Am./Can. CD, WRD, Can. WRDX, TDD, Can. DD, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Castaway Tempest of Westwind, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Cayuga Icebreaker of Topmast, ROM
Cayuga Topmast Deere John, ROM
Ch. Council Cups Alibi Palmisano, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Council Cup’s Dante’s Alibi, ROM
Council Cup’s Lou’s Meriwether, ROM
Ch. Courtesy of Skimeister, ROM
Ch. Cypress Bay Can Do Cassandra, ROM
VN Ch. Cypress Bay Pouch Cove Chest'r, CD, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. Cypress Bays Cosette of Tabu, ROM

Am./Can. Ch. Dacody de Nashau-Auke, ROM
Ch. Dalken's Denver of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Dalkens Bow Derek, ROM
Ch. Dalkens General Patton, ROM
Ch. Dalkens La Rochelle, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Dalkens North Star Tsunami, Am./Can. CD, ROM
Ch. Darbydale Burningstar Becky, ROM
Ch. Darbydale's All Rise Pouchcove, ROM
Ch. Darbydale's Just Charles, ROM
Ch. Darbydale’s Keep’m Guess’n, ROM
Ch. Darbydale’s On The Mark, ROM
Ch. Darbydale's Sea Holly, ROM
Ch. Darbydale's Shake'm Up, ROM
Ch. Decembear of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Anthony's Penelope, ROM
Can. Ch. Dryad's Bounty, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Brigantine, CD, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Candy's Duchess, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Christine of Glenora, ROM
Dryad's Christmas Holly, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Dryad's Compass Rose, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Flagship, ROM
Ch. Dryad's George, ROM
Dryad's Goliath of Gath, ROM
Dryad's Gum Drop, ROM
Dryad's Helen of Troy, CD, ROM
Dryad's Kleine Baer, ROM
Dryad's Lake Rova, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Lord Nelson, UDT, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Nancy of Glenora, ROM
Ch. Dryad's Sea Rover, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Dryad's Strong Sea Pirate, ROM
Dryads Dark Star, CD, DD, ROM
VN Ch. Dryads Onyx Tinkerbird Blkwt, CD, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. Dryads Puffin of Dgls Mtn, ROM
Dulrick's Moonlight Sernade, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Dulrick's Shot 'N The Dark, ROM

Ebonewf's Karla Bear, ROM
Ebunyzar's Bowsie Bear, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Ebunyzar's Salty Tang, DD, ROM
VN Ch. Ebunyzar's Water Witch, UD, WRD, DD, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Edenglen's Banner, ROM
Ch. Edenglen's Beau Geste, ROM
Ch. Edenglen's Becky, ROM
Edenglen's Christopher Robin III, ROM
Edenglen's Jenny Reitell, ROM
Ch. Edenglen's Lady Rebecca, ROM
Ch. Edenglen's Oscar, ROM
Ch. Edenglen's Prudence, ROM
Edenglen's Tucker, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Edenglen's Wistful Wendy, ROM
Ch. Edenglen's Witch of Sojowase, ROM
VN Ch. Emmabay Sophie Lorraine, CD, WRD, TDD, ROM

Ch. Fairwind's Storm Warning, ROM
Ch. Fearless Bear’s Zsazsagabor, ROM
Ch. Ferryland's Abby of Newton-Ark, ROM
Ch. Finders Keepers of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Flying Cloud's Far Hill, ROM
Ch. Flying Cloud's Square Rigger, ROM
Ch. Flying Cloud's Sunrise Sable, CD, CGC, ROM

Ganshalom's Nesicha Shomeret, ROM
Ch. Graniteledge Chinook, ROM
Ch. Graniteledge Sweet William, CD, ROM

Ch. Halcyons Magnum Tinn Lizzy, ROM
Ch. Halirock's Advantage In, ROM
Halirock's Gay Abandon, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Halirock's Gundabear, ROM
Ch. Halirock's Ulysses Odyssey, ROM
Ch. Halirock's Wunderbar, CGC, ROM
Harbour Beem Ethie, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Harbour Beem Fun For Nonna, ROM
Ch. Heffalump's Evangeline, ROM
Hickoryridge Olympia, ROM
Ch. Highland Bear of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Highland Skye of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Hilvig's Corsage, ROM
Ch. Holding Court at Ebonywoods, ROM
Holiday's Rose, ROM
Ch. Holiday's Sea Witch, ROM
Ch. House of Churchill B D's Erin, ROM

Ch. Indigo's Fritzacker, ROM
Ch. Irwindyl Viv's Honey Babe, CD, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Itasca Maya's Shadow Dancer, CD, ROM

Ch. Jack The Ripper, ROM
Ch. Jewel of Verduron, ROM
Ch. John's Big Ben of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Jolly Roger's Pearlie Gate, ROM
Ch. Jubilee You're The Top, ROM
Ch. Jubilee's It's All Right With Me, ROM

Ch. Karazan Loves a Whisper, ROM
Ch. Kaylar's Calypso Bear, ROM
Ch. Keepsake of Pouch Cove, CD, WD, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Ki Nun Ka de Nashavauke, ROM
VN Ch. Kilyka's Amen Amen, CD, WRD, DD, ROM
VN Ch. Kilyka's Aphrodite Pouch Cove, UD, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. Kilyka's Becky-Jo of Pouch Cove, ROM
VN Ch. Kilyka's Benediction, CDX, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. Kilyka’s Castlepines Jamielee, ROM
VN Ch. Kilyka's Deepwater, UD, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. Kilyka's Eau De Vie, ROM
Ch. Kilyka's I Aim To Please, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Kilyka's Jessica of Pouch Cove, CD, ROM
Ch. Kilyka’s Jordan, ROM
Ch. Kilyka's Katie Cachalot, CGC, TDI, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Kilyka's Making Waves of Haytee, ROM
VN Ch. Kilyka's Mariah, CD, WRD, TDD, CGC, ROM
VN Ch. Kilyka’s Mary Elizabeth, CD, WRD, TDD, ROM
Ch. Kilyka's Maxim, CD, DD, ROM
VN Ch. Kilyka's Mercy Me, UD, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. Kilyka's Newfport Marina, CD, ROM
Ch. Kilyka’s Polaris Madison, UD, RN, WD, ROM
VN Ch. Kilyka's Sibyl, UD, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. Kiredor's Ebony And Ivory, CGC, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Koki de NashauAuke, ROM
Ch. Koki Winota de Nashau-Auke, ROM
Ch. Kuhaia's Rego, ROM

Larinkallion Disperin, ROM
Ch. Liberty’s Dylana, ROM
Ch. Little Bear Canicula Campio, ROM
Ch. Little Bear Isolt of Irwin-dyl, CD, ROM
Little Bear Primavista, ROM
Ch. Little Bear Round Kim, ROM
Little Bear's Briny Deep, ROM
Ch. Little Bear's Cuttyhunk, ROM
Ch. Little Bear's Roaring Main, ROM
Ch. Little Bear's Sergeant Pepper, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Little Bear's Shipshape Rig, ROM
Loki's Drummer of Newton Ark, ROM

Ch. Malkah of Newton-Ark, ROM
Marjens AMZ-JMZ Gift of Love, ROM
Ch. Mega of Newton Ark, ROM
Meghan of Belmires Dolly, ROM
Ch. Midnight Lady's Especially For You, ROM
Ch. Midnite Bay’s Frozen Asset, ROM
Ch. Midnite Bays Smart Asset, ROM
Ch. Mogen of Newton-Ark, ROM
Ch. Mooncusser Clean Pair O'Heels, ROM
Ch. Mooncusser Reef of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Mooncusser RSVP of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Mooncusser Sail of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Mooncusser Starking Sagamor, ROM
Ch. Mooncusser Widow's Walk, ROM
Ch. Mooncusser's Dutch Treat, ROM
Ch. Mooncusser's Making Waves, ROM
Ch. Motion Carried of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Moxie of Newton-Ark, ROM

Am./Can. Ch. Nakiska's Akvavit, WRD, TDD, ROM
Ch. Nakiska’s Hide ‘N Seek Castanewf, ROM
Ch. Nakiska’s Nell of Water’s Edge, ROM
Ch. Nakiska’s No Questions Asked, ROM
VN Ch. Nakiska's Parting Gift, CD, WRD, DD, ROM
VN Ch. Nakiska’s Ready Or Not, CD, WRD, TDD, ROM
Ch. Nakiska’s Tattletale, WRD, DD, ROM
VN Ch. Nakiska's Touch of Magic, CD, WRD, DD, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Nanicoth Peter Pan Victoria, DD, ROM
Ch. Nashau Auke’s Hopi Katchina, ROM
Nashau-Auke’s Medicine Chant, ROM
Ch. Newfman Princess Alicky, ROM
Newhouse's Gypsy Sabrina, ROM
Am./Bah./Bda./Can. Ch. Newton, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Nordstrand's Bjorn NewtonArk, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Northern Tamarack Gypsy, ROM
Am./Can./Dan. Ch. Numa’s Had To Be Pouch Cove, DD, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Numa’s Incumbent at Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Numa's What Class Southwind, ROM

Ch. Old Mole's Lucas, ROM
Ch. Oprasus of the Good Shepherd, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Outtrail's Kojak of Topmast, ROM

Ch. Paddlewheel's Bessie Gibbs, ROM
Ch. Paddlewheel's Penelore, ROM
Ch. Pearlie Mae of Pouch Cove, ROM
VN Ch. Peppertree Abbyacr Im Emabay, CD, WRD, TDD, ROM
Poo Bear's Midnight Caper, ROM
Ch. Pooh Bear's Stormalong, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove Casts Its Vote, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove Gref of Newton-Ark, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove Legacy of Shadrack, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove Muddy Creek's Tess, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove Spins a Dream, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's American Maid, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's Antares Arbitrage, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's Antares Fanfare, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's Antares Underfoot, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's Candidate, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove’s Dark Horse, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's Favorite Son, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove’s Goliath, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's Matter of Fact, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's Midnite Bay, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Pouch Cove’s Now Docks at Nakiska, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's Objection Overruled, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's On All Fours, ROM
Pouch Cove's Rendition, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's Shiprock Sydney, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's St Andrews, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove's Treasure Chest, ROM

Ch. Ralees Winddancer, ROM
VN Ch. Rancheros Baileys Black Lily, CDX, WRD, TDD, ROM
Ch. Roosevelt of Thunder Bay, ROM

Saltydog Cindy Del Coronado, ROM
Ch. Saltydog’s Heavens To Betsy, ROM
Ch. Sarja's Sir Lional of Irwindyl, ROM
Ch. Schooner Yosef of Newton-Ark, ROM
Schooner's Maggie Mae, ROM
Ch. Seabrook Bacchanal Port Tabu, ROM
Ch. Seabrook Heireverent Pouchcove, ROM
Ch. Seabrook Rachel Rachel, ROM
Ch. Seabrook Steppin Out at Poohbear, ROM
Ch. Seabrook Street of Dreams, ROM
Ch. Seabrook's Headmaster Tabu, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Seafaring Gal of Windy Hill, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Seal Cove's Espen Til Kloofbear, CGC, ROM
Seastar of Perryhow, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Seaward's Blackbeard, ROM
Ch. Semy Baby's Dollie, ROM
Ch. Semy Sebastian of Briarcreek, ROM
Ch. Semy Sultana Yvonne, ROM
Ch. Semy Ye Gads Charlie, ROM
Ch. Shadrack’s Made of Honor, CD, TDD, ROM
VN Ch. Shadrack's Mercedes Lady, CD, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. Shadrack's Midnite Habit, ROM
Ch. Shadybrook's Black Shadow, ROM
Ch. Shadybrook's Try For An Oscar, CD, WRD, ROM
Ch. Shadybrooks Late Arrival, ROM
VN Ch. Shanadithi's Scotian Mayflower, CD, WRD, DD, CGC, TDI, ROM
Ch. Shayna's Bonnie Bell, ROM
Shiprock's Irrestable Force, ROM
VN Ch. Shiprocklegacy Wheelerdealer, CD, WRD, TDD, CGC, ROM
Ch. Shipshape Nana of Nashau Auke, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Shipshape's Cutty Sark, ROM
Shipshape's Manda Lifeboats, ROM
Ch. Shipshape's Midnight Mist, ROM
Ch. Shipshape's Sibyl, UDT, ROM
Ch. Skimeisters Coral Reef, ROM
Am./Mex. Ch. Skipjack's Dinah Mite, ROM
Ch. Skipjack's Double Dare, ROM
Ch. Skipjack's Morocan Moonshine, ROM
Ch. Skipper's Star, CD, ROM
VN Ch. Socorro's Black As Ink Antares, CD, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. Socorro’s Ona Canoe of Osa, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. South Shore's Cybil Bear, ROM
Southerncross Black Cameo, CD, ROM
Souvenir of Pouch Cove, ROM
Ch. Spillway Scarlet O'Bara, ROM
Ch. Spillways By The Same Token, ROM
Ch. Spillways Caleb, ROM
Ch. Spillways Deep-M-Ocean, ROM
Ch. Spillways Mixed M Ocean, ROM
Ch. Stilwaters Liberty Underfoot, CGC, ROM
Sun Valley Muddy Creek Brook, ROM
Ch. Sunrise Deuxieme Cru, CD, WD, CGC, ROM
Ch. Sunrise Sam's Song, ROM
Ch. Susana Springs Sheer Madness, ROM

Ch. Tabu Seabrook Nobelle Prize, DD, ROM
Ch. Tabu's Bellefleur Seabrook, ROM
Ch. Tabu's Mr Otis Regrets, ROM
Ch. Tabu's Pooh Bearabella, ROM
VN Ch. Tabu's Pooh Berry Blossom, CD, WRD, DD, CGC, ROM
VN Ch. Tatoosh's Huggable Nakiska, CD, WRD, DD, ROM
Ch. The Bombardier, ROM
Ch. The Noel Ursula, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. The Sleeper of Newton Ark, ROM
Threepond’s Got An Attitude, ROM
Ch. Threeponds Rhythm N  Blues, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Thunder Bays Storm A Brewin, CD, WD, ROM
Ch. Tis' The Season of Pouch Cove, ROM
VN Ch. Top Shelf Baileys Irish Cream, CDX, Can. CD, WRD, TDD, ROM
VN Am./Can. Ch. Top Shelfs Black Russian, CD, WRD, TDD, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Top Shelf's Chevas Regal, CD, DD, CGC, ROM
VN Am./Can. Ch. Top Shelf's Nightcap, CD, WRD, DD, CGC, ROM
Can. Ch. Topmast's Abigail Adams, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Topmast's Checkers, ROM
Can. Ch. Topmast's Cheers, ROM
Topmast's Jessica Rose, ROM
Ch. Topmast's Magpie, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Topmast's Pied Piper, ROM
Topmast's Sarah Jane, ROM
Am./Bda./Can./Col./Mex./Int. Ch. Topmast's Showboat, ROM
Ch. Topmast's Star Bright, ROM
Ch. Topsy's San Sebastian, ROM
Ch. Tranquilus Banner Duch Baby, ROM
Ch. Tranquilus Honey Bear, ROM
Ch. Tranquilus Semy Gold Vulcan, ROM
Tranquilus Taffy, ROM
Tuckamore's Norell, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Tuckermore's Boomerang, ROM
Ch. Twillin Gate Specialty, ROM
Ch. Tyche's Echo, CD, DD, CGC, ROM

Ch. Valkaren's Bear II, ROM

Walden Pond Shoreacres Molly, ROM
Ch. Waldo of Pouch Cove, CD, ROM
Waterwitch of Drumnod, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Wee Lovett's Island of Manitou, ROM
Ch. Whisperbay's Lady Beertje, ROM
Whisperbays Good Samaritan, ROM
VN Ch. Whisperbays Star Witness, CD, WRD, DD, CGC, ROM




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Drawing by Harrison Weir (1824-1906)  The anecdote I am now about to give is from the pen of the Rev. J.E. Atkinson, a good and scientific naturalist:  "Walking with a favorite Newfoundland dog of great size, one frosty day, I observed the animal's repeated disappointment on putting his head down, with the intention to drink, at sundry ice-covered pools. After one of these disappointments, I broke the ice with my foot, for my thirsty companion's behoof. The next time it seemed good to the dog to try and drink, instead of waiting for me to break the ice as before, he set his own huge paw forcibly on the ice, and, with a little effort, obtained water for himself."  From: Rev. R.O. Morris, B.A. Dogs and Their Doings. N.Y., Harper & Bros, 1872, p. 16f.  (reprinted from NewfTide 1976)

ROM Qualifications

What is a ROM?
A ROM is a dog or bitch that has been admitted to the Newfoundland Club of America's Register of Merit for producing multiple Champion, titled and ROM progeny. A sire requires 12 points to earn this award, and six points are needed for a dam. ROM points are tabulated on a base of champion or ROM produce. A dog must have minimum of 10 champions and/or ROMs, plus two additional titles These additional titles can be further ROMs or champions, or any suffix title. A bitch must have a base of five ROMs or champions, plus one additional title.
Offspring can contribute up to three points towards their parents ROM status-by obtaining an AKC championship, an NCA ROM, and an AKC or NCA obedience, tracking, draft or water title. However, the ROM formula allows only one working, obedience, or tracking title to be counted for every five champions or ROMs, and after you get that total, add one. For example, Jake has produced 79 champions, five ROMs, and 17 titlists. If you add the 79 champions and five ROMs, you have 84. Divide this number by five (and come up with 16). After you get that total, add one. So Jake has 101 ROM points.
There is no minimum requirement for working titlists. ROM status may be achieved exclusively from ROM and champion titled offspring.
ROM points that are earned by a dog or a bitch are cumulative, so that the time frame in which the points are earned and the order in which they were earned is immaterial. ROM points earned will continue to accumulate and will be added to the official ROM point totals within the constraints of the 5:1 limitations.
New ROMs are honored in Newf Tide's second quarter edition each year.
The NCA Register of Merit system was initially approved April 3, 1986. The criteria was enacted so that dogs would become ROMs retroactively to the beginning of Newfoundland record-keeping, and a total of 100 ROMs were awarded at that time. The rules have been changed slightly through the years.
-Jan Boggio and Dawn Fretts




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