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Versatile Newfoundlands


The Newfoundland Club of America established the designation of Versatile Newfoundland to encourage and recognize beautiful representatives of the breed, who continue to exhibit the breed’s historic and natural working abilities.  To be recognized as a Versatile Newfoundland a dog must earn the following:  AKC championship, AKC obedience title, NCA Water Rescue Dog title, and NCA Draft Dog title.  The awards have been presented annually at the National Specialty since 1985.  Since that time, the following dogs have earned VN recognition:

2012 Verstile Newfoundland Awards

Ch. Timberknoll Maiden Of The Sea, CD, WRD 3, DD
            Owned by Metta May Sherfick & Patti Sutherland

Ch. Rocky Harbour's Phoenix Rising Of Amity, CDX, WRD,TDD  
            Owned by Nan Edwards & Diane Broderick

Ch. Bruin's Katie Kandeaux, CD, WRD, DD
            Owned by Crystal Hyer & Christopher Hyer

WA CH Yosemite's Simply A Star UDX, OM1, WRD4, WRDX1, DD1, TDD
            Owned by Carol Giffhorn

Ch. Rowans Lost In This Moment, CD, WRD, DD1, TDD, RE, BN
            Owned by Mark Iken & Cassandra Iken

GCh. Careless Whisper Des Oursons Du Vent, CD, WRD1, DD1, RN
            Owned by Heidi Forrest & Don Forrest
GCh. Top Shelf Bottoms Up Brenrich, CD, WRD, DD2, RA
            Owned by Debra Wigal & Becky Reynnells

Ch. Yosemite's White and Black Blues, CD, WRD, TDD
            Owned by Dana Kuo & Lynne C. Anderson
Ch. Nitestar Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, CD, WRD2, DD
            Owned by Daniel Carr & Arlene Carr & Perri Graf

GCh. Bruin's Onyxbay Premonition, CD, WRD2, DD, RA
            Owned by William R. Espander & Marcia Espander & Kathy Sylvia & Douglas Stewart

Ch. Top Shelf Barenjager Ala Dejon, CD, WRD, DD, RA
            Owned by Sabrina Moore

Ch. Saltydog's Sophia Cane Salato, CD, WRD, DD, RN
            Owned by Jennifer Larsen & Gabrielle Cohen

Ch. Bee Creek's Makin Music, CD, WRD, DD
            Owned by Connie S. Younggreen & Dr. Mary Summers & Ginny Graham

Ch. Tempest's Bella Donna, CD, WRD1, DD, ROM
            Owned by Brenda Miele Soares & Dejah T. Petsch & Steven Petsch

Ch. Sunniside Weeknd On Hatteras, CD, WRD, DD1
            Owned by Kimberly Wilcox & Nicole Wilcox

Ch. Pouch Cove's Rainbow Over Nakiska, CD, WRD, DD
            Owned by Nancy McKee & Peggy Helming

Ch. Timberknoll Takes the Slope, CD, WRD, DD
            Owned by Tina & David Bowers & Patti Sutherland

GCh. Misty Mtn's Lord Of the Seas, CD, WRD2, DD, RE, BN
            Owned by Juanita Bartlett & William Bartlett & Ronald V. Horn & Scarlett Horn

Ch. Nakiska's Lord Of the Ring, CD, DD1, TDD, WD2, WRD
            Owned by Dawn Druge & Kathy Bracisco

Ch. Nakiska's For Kicks Pouch Cove, CD, DD, WRD, RN
            Owned by Cara Perry & Nan Martin

GCh. Pouch Cove's Victorian Rose, CD, RN,WRD, DD
            Owned by Mary Jane Spackman & Kim Spackman




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Drawing by Harrison Weir (1824-1906)  The anecdote I am now about to give is from the pen of the Rev. J.E. Atkinson, a good and scientific naturalist:  "Walking with a favorite Newfoundland dog of great size, one frosty day, I observed the animal's repeated disappointment on putting his head down, with the intention to drink, at sundry ice-covered pools. After one of these disappointments, I broke the ice with my foot, for my thirsty companion's behoof. The next time it seemed good to the dog to try and drink, instead of waiting for me to break the ice as before, he set his own huge paw forcibly on the ice, and, with a little effort, obtained water for himself."  From: Rev. R.O. Morris, B.A. Dogs and Their Doings. N.Y., Harper & Bros, 1872, p. 16f.  (reprinted from NewfTide 1976)

VN Qualifications

The requirements for earning a VN title are completion of an AKC conformation championship, AKC obedience title, NCA DD (Draft Dog) and NCA WRD (Water Rescue Dog)

If your dog has completed the requirements to earn an NCA VN Title, the information for your certificate will be automatically generated by the NCA Database. 

VN are recognized at the Annual Meeting each year at the National Specialty. You will be contacted prior to the Specialty to ascertain if you will be attending or if your certificate and rosette need to be mailed to you. All mailings will occur following the Specialty week. 

You are responsible for submitting a photo and biography for the 2nd Quarter of Newf Tide - the submission deadline is April 1.

Duplicate certificates and pins are available for co-owners/breeders at a cost of $12.





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