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The Newfoundland Owners Behind The Trophies

by Mary Jane Spackman, Historian - reprinted from the 3Q 1999 Newf Tide

Each year at the National there are certain trophies that have a sense of history that should not be forgotten. These trophies are offered in memory of individuals who have been special not only to our breed, but also to the NCA. The following is a short reflection on the lives of these special people in our breed. 

Newfoundland Dog Memorial 
The Newfoundland Dog Memorial is offered for the Best of Breed winner in memory of Maynard K. Drury, Beatrice Godsol and Elinor Jameson. The original memorial was offered by June Harrah and Katherine F. Drury, and a bronze medallion replica is now offered at each year's National by the NCA. 
Each of these three people were key players in the development of the NCA and the Newfoundland in this country. Maynard Kane Drury came into the world of Newfs through his wife, Kitty Drury. Mr. Drury served the NCA as president, AKC delegate and as a board member. It was under Mr. Drury's guidance that The Newfoundland and You became a viable project by the NCA. Mr. and Mrs. Drury were the owners of the well-know Dryad Kennels and their line can still be found in many of the Newfs shown today. Mr. Drury was also a well respected judge who freely gave of his time to the sport of dogs. 
The second individual recognized by this trophy is Beatrice Godsol. Mrs. Godsol's interest in our breed began in the early 1940's. Mrs. Godsol and her husband, Major Godsol were the founders of Coastwise Kennels and were the breeders and or owners of such influential dogs as Ch. Coastwise Steamboat Bill, Ch. Coastwise Tugboat Annie, Ch Dryad's Coastwise Gale (the first Newfoundland bitch to win a Best in Show) and Ch. Mark Anthony of Waseeka, CDX. Mark Anthony is the first Newfoundland to achieve both his CD and CDX under the training and handling of Mrs. Godsol!. 
Mrs. Godsol and her husband served not only the breed, but also the NCA. As active members of the NCA, they served in many different positions from AKC Delegate to Secretary to President. Mr and Mrs. Godsol were instrumental players in the writing of the book The Newfoundland and You, which was published by the NCA. This husband and wife team were also all-round judges who were always in demand here and abroad. Mrs. Godsol judged numerous Newf specialties both in this country and was also a Best in Show judge at Westminster. 
The final individual memorialized by this award is Mrs. Elinor Ayers Jameson. Mrs Jameson purchased her first Newfoundland in the late 1920's. In 1932, Mrs. Jameson and Jack Cameron founded Camayer Kennels and their primary goal was to perpetuate the Landseer Newfoundland which had been depleted due to World War I. In 1944, Mrs Jameson began her own breeding kennel under the Seaward name and began to incorporate blacks into her breeding program. Two dogs owned by Mrs. Jameson that played an important role in both the breeding program at Seaward and the breed were Ch. Oquaga's Sea Pirate and Ch. Dryad's Strong Sea Pirate, ROM. Mrs. Jameson's legacy in Newfoundlands and the NCA continued after her death thanks to her daughter Elinor Ayers. Nell Ayers took over Seaward at the time of her mother's death and continued the family tradition of devotion to the breed and our club. Nell was an active member of the NCA and was a president of our club. 

Kitty Drury Memorial 
Adrian van Zijl had the Kitty Drury Memorial created by Mrs. Thus Coumans, and a replica has been offered to the Best of Winners at each National since 1990. Kitty Drury is perhaps the best known of the individuals honored by these trophies. She spent nearly 60 years loving and promoting our breed. She became a member of the NCA in 1932, two years after its recognition by the AKC. She and her husband Maynard were both active members of the NCA and both served terms as president. Mrs. Drury was the editor of the second edition of The Newfoundland and You, and an AKC judge of our breed, as well as many others. She also had the privilege of judging Best in Show at Westminster and the honor of awarding BIS to Ch Seaward's Blackbeard, the top-winning Newfoundland of his time. 
The kennel established by the Drury's was named Dyrad and they bred over 50 champions during the course of their breeding program. Some of the best Newfs they ever bred were Ch. Dryad's Coastwise Showboat, the first bitch to go Best in Show in addition to winning four more, and she finished her championship without ever defeating a Newfoundland-instead she won three groups. Two examples of the many males that they bred were Ch. Dryad's Sea Rover, ROM and Dryad's Goliath of Gath, ROM. When you review the Register of Merit, in the top 40 males you will find five bred by the Drurys and in the top ten bitches you will find three. These numbers speak for themselves of the influence that Dryad has had upon our breed. 

Robert Curry Memorial 
A base relief cast in bronze of the Robert Curry Memorial was created by Mrs. Thus Coumans and is offered by Adrian Van Zijl to Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed. Rev. Robert Curry served the Newfoundland and the NCA as a breeder, exhibitor, Board member, Corresponding Secretary and as President. Rev. Curry was the driving force behind our first independent National Specialty at Lenox in 1967. Due to his perseverance, the independent National became a reality and was even held at Lenox School where he was the headmaster. 


ROBERT CURRY MEMORIAL TROPHY-reprinted from Newf Tide Summer 1980

This Perpetual Trophy for Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed in the National Specialty of the Newfoundland Club of America has been created in bronze by Truus Coumans of the Netherlands and donated by Adrian and Mary van Zijl. It is a perpetual trophy and the owner of the winning Newfoundland will receive the trophy as a loan until the succeeding Specialty Along with the trophy is a book which will list all of the pertinent information about each winner and the events.
This trophy was first presented at the NCA Specialty in 1980 in the 50th "anniversary year of the NCA and will be presented for the last time in 1999. In the year 2000 the trophy will be owned by the NCA.


Sterling Silver Margaret Booth Chern Memorial Disc 
The Sterling Silver Margaret Booth Chern Memorial Disc is offered by the Newfoundland Club of New England in memory of Margaret Booth Chern. Mrs. Chern and her husband Vadim established Little Bear Kennels in 1948. Little Bear is a familiar name in the Newfoundland world and one of the most influential kennels of the past. Mr. and Mrs. Chern bred over 100 champions including Am. and Can. Ch. Little Bear's John Thurber, Ch. Little Bear's Black Thunder, Am. & Can. Ch. Little Bear's Shipshape Rig, Can. CD, ROM, Ch. Little Bear's Canicula Campio, ROM, and Ch. Little Bear's Thunder, UD. Mrs. Chern was also the author of the book entitled The New Complete Newfoundland. 





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