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The NCA is the parent organization of a large number of regional clubs.  The regional clubs are independent of the NCA but are a great source of information for both the prospective puppy buyer and the new owner.  Most of the individuals in these clubs are very dedicated to the betterment of the Newfoundland and are willing to spend a lot of time answering questions.

The regional clubs also provide a place for new owners to get together and share problems and solutions.  They are also places to provide good times in the company of your Newfs. 

You are strongly encouraged to contact a local regional club for more information.


Regional Club Activities -

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NCA Members Spotlight Socialization at AKC/Eukanuba Meet the Breeds -
winning a Group I!

meet the breeds
meet the breed

In a repeat of last year's thrilling AKC Invitational "Meet the Breeds" win, the NCA again took home top Working Group honors! Kudos to NCA members Denise
Hatakeyama and Joe Reinisch for a wonderful booth!

Joe Reinisch enlisted the help of his sons, Joseph and Hans, to help recreate a New England fishing village. The eight-foot tall working lighthouse, lobster traps, fishing net, the Reinisch men dressed in sailor suits, and

20-foot ocean mural provided a beautiful backdrop for showcasing the dogs. In addition to featuring an actual flashing red warning light, our lighthouse also had a built in video screen showing footage of working Newfoundlands from around the world.

Joseph Reinisch Jr’s. original Newf artwork was used to make coloring book handouts for all the visiting children. “Merry Christmas to you from the Newfoundland Club of America! Here’s a Newf for you to color” earned almost as many smiles as the dogs!

Thankfully, Denise Hatakeyama agreed to coordinate the event again this year. In addition to making sure our booth offered a full range of NCA educational handouts, hand sanitizers, and towels, Denise also arranged for our booth to always feature at least two Newfoundlands with their handlers. Always the gracious hostess, Denise had plenty of ocean themed stuffies she offered to the dogs at the end of their shift.

Even after months of planning and more than 18 hours working in the booth, bone weary and exhausted, Joe and Denise were heard planning for a “Meet the Breeds” Best in Show in 2008.


Seattle Club Gets into the Holiday Spirit with a Rescue Fundraiser


The Newfoundland Club of Seattle teamed with the Enchanted Winds Christmas Tree Farm to host a tree pull to benefit the club's rescue program. Happy holiday shoppers could choose and cut their tree and have it hauled in from the fields by a hard working Newf. The dogs and handlers enjoyed the festive day and the opportunity to showcase the breed's natural working ability. The event raised over $650 for the club's rescue coffers.


Northern California Club Teams With Tots and Teddy Bears

from the Sept. '07 "Newf's Paper"- the Regional Club newsletter of NCNC

teddybear2 For several years the Newfoundland Club of Northern California has brought Newfs and Carts to the Kaiser "Teddy Bear Picnic" an event designed to break down the barriers between children and medical professionals- the doctor's and nurses give the bears "check-ups" and play games with the children. Newfs from the club give cart rides and socialize with the youngsters, helping make this a truly special day.


Colonial Joins "Summer Blast Festival" with Water Rescue Demos

from the Summer '07 BearFare - the Regional Club Newsletter of CNC


CNC hosted its annual Water Rescue Demo at Codurus State Park in Hanover, PA. Held as part of the park's Summer Blast Festival, the demo showcased the natural instincts of the Newfoundland breed and provided a highlight for those who were able to participate. With a day filled with live bands, hot air ballons, fireworks and more, the Newfoundland Water Rescue Demo continues to be one of the biggest attractions of the day.







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