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Newfoundland Water Test Committee's Toolkit


Forms - all forms are downloadable .pdf forms

Water Test Application Form Grievance Procedures Participant Evaluation Form
Water Test Boat ID Tag Application Grievance Report- Judge/ Committee Judge Evaluation Form
  Secretary's Report
Judges' Acceptance Letter Grievance Report- Exhibitor Test Record
Request for Observer Assignments Grievance Witness Form Junior Score Sheet
Application to become a Water Test Judge Equipment Check (all divisions) Senior Score Sheet
  WRDX Score Sheet
WRDX Obeservation Report Marker Buoy Construction  
Observer Judge Evaluation Standard Entry Agreement WRDX Steward & Committee Handbook
Provisional Judge Evaluation Standard Entry Form

Important Contacts

Approved Judges List

Working Dog Committee Contacts

Tips & Hints

Working Event Secretary Checklist pdf

Working Event Guide pdf

Event Safety Guidelines pdf


Ahoy there, Water Test Committees!

Thanks for all the hard work you've done to arrange this year’s NCA Water Tests! There will be 47 tests this year between July and October, giving newfie owners across the country the joy of measuring their dog’s ability in one of the special skills that mark the heritage of our breed. Dedicated committees are the key to this process, and your efforts are much appreciated!

As we enter into water test season, the NCA Working Dog Committee wants to highlight a few reminders. Please send this on to all your test committee members.

Water Test Committee Reminders
1. Test committee must have a “clean up bucket” ready to treat the beach area should an entered dog eliminate on the test area at any time. (Suggestions include bleach/water, sand, Pinesol/water, or other approved-by-your-site ideas). Judges and test committees should remind entrants of the nearby potty locations outside of the test area and suggest that dogs are given the opportunity to relieve themselves before the pre-swim as well as just prior to their turn.

2. Please remember that NCA members should be given a 10 day preferred entry for tests over other entrants.

3. If you send out mass emails about entries prior to closing, the club should clearly indicate that the list is NOT actual test order but simply a list of entrants received thus far. Secretaries can list entries by postmark date, but refrain from listing entrants in an order that may be construed as a running order. Please revisit your rules on accepting entries (page 12) to make sure that the correct process for assignment of entries is followed.

4. Please make sure that your secretary is using forms that are downloaded from the website just prior to your test – as updates/corrections are made, that is how you get the most current paperwork.

5. Completed Test Packets for Water will now be mailed to Sue Zientara, 2708 Casner Rd., Oakley, IL 62501. Please make sure you mail them there, so your test gets recorded in a timely manner. The secretary forms are in the process of being updated, so please make sure if your form has any other address, that you send the forms instead to Sue Zientara.

6. Flooding has caused havoc with many of our test sites throughout the country. Please contact Dwight Gorsuch immediately if you have issues, and we will work quickly to assist you should your venue need to be changed based on flood conditions.

The WDC is always available to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding working events. Please feel free to email us at or my home email.

Best wishes for a great water test season!!!

Sue Raney
NCA Working Dog Committee Chairperson







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