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Working Newfoundlands

The Newfoundland is a working breed. While they excel at traditional activities such as water rescue and draft and carting, they also have adapted to fill many useful roles in modern society, from therapy dogs, to assistance dogs, to search and rescue. The Newfoundland is a versatile worker with a quick intelligence and strong desire to please.

NCA-Titled Working Activities

  Water Work
  Draft Work
  NCA Working Test Judge's Corner

AKC-Titled Activities

Search and Rescue
Service Dogs  
Therapy Dogs  
Working Achievement Award  
Versatile Newfoundlands  
Online Working Event Entry  

The NCA no longer requires a fee to apply for to host a water or draft test.

Judging working events for the NCA is an important and lengthy commitment. The process for becoming a judge, for judges to move between judging levels and the continuing education requirements for judges is included in the link below.

Read the Requirements for Judges

Working Dog Publications

The following publications are available in hard copy from the Working Dog Committee:

  • Draft Equipment Guide Kit $10.00

  • Water Test Training Manual (1st Edition)$12.00

  • Taking Your Dog Backpacking $10.00

Send your order, prepaid, with a check made out to NCA, to

Working Dog Publications
c/o Dwight Gorsuch
6282 Burris Road
Rock Hall, MD 21661





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